Finds of the Fair 14th May 2017

1960s Jema Holland cat and owl, £25.00 each from Balmer & Stanley:

Balmer & Stanley haven’t been selling at VV for that long but already have established themselves as super-friendly sellers of top quality vintage ornaments and glassware.  You can always count on them for fab retro items from mid-century to 70s.  I love cats so fell in love with three on their stall – a gorgeous long-necked pink babe, a chunky eyelashed cutie and this blue Jema Holland beauty with her owl friend!  Jema Holland items are so sought after and these two were in perfect shape.  Balmer & Stanley are on Instagram @balmerandstanley

1960s yellow tin, £4.00, telephone brooch £15.00, Russian plastic doll £3.00, wardrobe trunk £45.00 from Emily Rose Vintage:

How kitschy cute is this 60s little girl tin?  Gorgeous sunny colour, lovely design and only £4.00!  Emily Rose Vintage are one of my favourite stalls at VV – I can always find something to take home as Viv and Andy sell exactly what I love – anything and everything kitsch, cute and colourful!  The ringing telephone brooch is so quirkily amazing – I made a little video of it so you can see it in action!  

I couldn’t resist the teeny roly-poly doll (only £3.00!) and the gorgeous super chunky grass-green necklace (£6.00) you can see peeping from the right of her photo!  

Andy’s own favourite personal find on the stall was this navy blue wardrobe trunk with keys and original hangers, and he and Viv’s favourite items to find are West German lamps.  You can find their wonderful wares at VV each month and online on Instagram - @emily_rose_vintage.

1975 Fleetwood Mac eponymous album, £12.00 from Eye Wood Vintage:

I usually leave the (thank God, very laid back) hubby at home when I head to VV – he’s not into vintage (though he has little choice as our whole house is vintage-bedazzled) - but today he decided to come with me!  He has a huge vinyl collection, so enjoyed having a rifle through the extensive collection at Eye Wood, who were selling for the first time at VV.  He spotted Fleetwood Mac’s self-titled record for £12.00 – his mum is a huge Mac fan and I think it’s rubbed off onto him a bit!  

I think we all seem to buy a lot of vintage based on nostalgia and memories though don’t we?  Eye Wood can be found on Ebay, FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Edwardian gloves case with gloves and stretcher, £36.00 from Mama J’s Vintage Goods:

Next spot on my finding mission was this pretty shamrock-embroidered gloves case, which caught my eye straight away because of its lovely colours.  This was a real labour of love for some lady of years gone by to keep her gloves in pristine condition!  Beautiful!  You can find Joan’s website here.

1980s Rock On Tommy money box £5.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:

The lovely Gail is a long-time seller at Vintage Village and is so happy and friendly, it’s always a treat to have a chat with her!  You can always guarantee that Gail will be showcasing a wide and eclectic selection of vintage toys and ornaments; she has a great eye for finding vintage treasures.  

I let my husband pick his favourite find on the Essentially Eagle stall today – he went for this Cannon and Ball tribute of a smiley money box that says ‘Rock On, Tommy’ across his belly!  Great bit of kitsch fun!  Check out Instagram at @essentiallyeaglevintage for online sales!

1950s wooden canisters, £18.00 the set from Retro Belle:

You can’t beat a bit of mid-century kitsch – I love this set of canisters from Retro Belle at £18.00 – really good value!

1980s Hornsea Red Stripe milk jug and sugar bowl £4.00 each, from suzylovesmilo:

I collect (yes, another collection!) Hornsea Red Stripe – I have the usual tea, coffee, sugar, flour and biscuit canisters.  Thanks to suzylovesmilo, I now have the milk jug and sugar bowl, which were £4.00 each!  More glorious colour for our kitchen!  So many colourful vintage goodies to buy on here!  

I also bought some lovely smoked plastic, colourfully-lidded little kitchen containers on their own yellow wall-mountable rack – they are heading onto the wall in my tiny workroom to hold my paperclips, mini pegs and bulldog clips!  

Head over to Instagram to see more at @suzylovesmilo – they also have an account specialising in vintage clothes at @suzylovesmiloboutique – I’ve got my eye on a colourblock pastel shirt on there!  And yes it’s from the 80s!  Sorry Sarah ☺ 

Don't listen to Katie, I wasn't trying to restrict her choices - just make sure it wasn't just 80s stuff!  I've given her a free rein here to run with the mission, and she's done such a fantastic job, even taking the initiative to ask our traders about their favourite items or Holy Grails.  Isn't that a great idea?  

And the zingy composite photos are all her own work, reflecting her dazzling, retina-scorching style! (see more on her Instagram account).  Distinctive, colourful, energetic, inventive, enthusiastic, we've never had a Finds of the Fair like it!  Thank you Katie!

Hi! I’m Katie D’Rozario and love the Vintage Village!!  I’ve been many times over the years and being asked to be the Finder of the Fair was a perfect excuse to go wild in the aisles and look at everything from a different perspective!  I can normally scan a stall in about 10 seconds as my beady magpie eye knows what I like and just subconsciously homes in on Technicolor shiny treasures, so looking for finds that I think others would like to see here created a whole new experience for me!

I have loved and collected random kitsch, quirky and special vintage things ever since I was about six, when my Nanna Leggat gave me a super-pretty tea tray and a menagerie of little vintage pixies, animals, fairies, toadstools and glass pebbles to go on it to make a ‘tray garden’!  I loved my tray garden and as a collector of weird and wonderful, old ‘tiny treasures’ (and everything old and cute), Nanna gave me lots of ‘overspill’ magical little vintage creatures from her collection to add to the tray when she came to visit.  So it’s all her fault!

My Nanna is still (at nearly 90) Queen Vintage Hoarder Extraordinaire – I’m sure it’s hereditary because just like her, I have little vintage collections everywhere!  I love everything kitsch and colourful and am 80s obsessed at the moment - I can’t get enough of the plastic jewellery, colour-pop art (at the minute I love Syd Brak Athena prints – anyone got any?), toys (Jem and the Holograms, Rainbow Brite and She-Ra), plastic homewares and crazy fashions.  I also collect old tiki, tacky barware, 60s red-eared, long-necked black cat vases, seashell chandeliers/plant hangers, vintage-potted cacti, old Catholic statues, poodle ornaments, swan planters, colourful vintage plastic/lucite/celluloid ANYTHING… erm, I’ll stop there!  I love bodding about in my old Nissan Figaro hunting for vintage treasures and in order to avoid hoard-based divorce proceedings, enjoy selling a mishmash of quirky old things to my lovely Instagram friends and followers on my @katie_and_the_cat account.

1960s pearly lucite crucifix £14.00, Victorian boy’s shoes £24.00, 1880s baby bonnet £28.00, from Garbo Antiques:

I spotted a lovely 1960s pearlised lucite crucifix from Garbo Antiques straight away.  As I mentioned above, I love old Catholic things – icons, statues, pictures (I even have a 60s musical light-up Vatican!) and prayer cards, so this was right up my street!  

The Garbo stall sells a fabulously wide range of classic vintage treasures to adorn your clothes or your home; they also have a website. 

My mind often works at a slightly different tangent to most, so as Finder of The Fair I thought I’d share the fun with the original finders in the fair – the traders!  I asked the Lady of Garbo (that isn’t her official name but unfortunately I don’t know her real one – and I quite like this one anyway) what her favourite of her own finds were – she selected a beautifully delicate 1880s baby’s bonnet and the cutest pair of Victorian tiny boy’s shoes.  I love social history and was so glad I asked!

1970s-80s insulated cool bag £25.00, Peter Black bag £45.00 from Sheila’s Store:

How ace is this cool bag?  I love all the colours and the design, and it’s in wonderful condition!  Sheila’s Store is another of my faves – Annette who runs it (the stall’s name honours her late mum) sells fab colour-pop vintage items (lots of primary colour suitcases, homewares and jewellery) at great value; I always head to her to feed my plastic necklace and earring addiction!  

Annette’s personal favourite find of her stall was this perfect condition men’s Gladstone-style holdall by Peter Black, an early designer for Adidas.  Annette only sells at VV so you’ll have to head down to take advantage of all the bargains on offer!

Baby rattles £2.00 each, Pacapic hamper £40.00, from Gem’s Bits and Bobs:

Gemma’s stalls are always eye-catching, happy, rainbow-bright affairs featuring an array of homewares, badges and toys!  Gemma has a wonderful eye for the cute and the colourful and you can guarantee to find something on her stall to make you smile!  My favourite find here were the rattles – particularly the orange and blue elephant rattle.  I didn’t buy it and now I am kicking myself!  

Gemma loves to find Disneyana, and her fave find on her stall was her Pacapic picnic hamper - still fresh as a daisy in its original box and oozing retro in gorgeous orange and white!  Perfect for summer days.

Gem's on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

1980s white leather with gold tiger stripes jacket, £20.00 from Reloved:

BE STILL, MY BEATING HEART!!!!!!!!  When I was asked to be the Finder of the Fair I was specifically warned (or actually, very politely asked) NOT to go 80s-wild with my finds (would I??), so instead I found one single item that covered both 80s and wild!  My Find of the Fair at Reloved (who are always based near the random indoor bus shelter) – a gold and white, genuine leather, blouson-sleeved, TIGER PRINT 1980s genuine leather jacket!!!  If Prince and the New Power Generation would have worn it, I’m totally there!  Butter-soft and fabulous – prepare to spot me in this doing the Asda Big Shop, because to paraphrase my beloved Jane Eyre: dear readers, I bought it!  For £20.00!!  

The moral of the story is: there’s vintage for everyone’s tastes at VV, from classic Victoriana to elegant Deco to fun flower-power to the power-dressing, brash 80s like me – and everything inbetween!

1960s pink shell cluster necklace, £20.00 from Silly Gilly Vintage:

First time seller but long time VV shopper Gilly offered an amazing range of gorgeous jewellery for sale!  I love seashells and colour, so this stunning cluster necklace fitted the bill perfectly at £20.00, a very reasonable price!  Sadly a bit short for me as I go for long-length necklaces, but I know it’ll be snapped up on Instagram (find Gilly at @sillygillyvintage) if it hasn’t gone already!  

I also spotted some fab plastic neon flower clip-ons in pink and green – may have to get those next time if they’re still around!  

I asked Gilly what her ‘Holy Grail’ of vintage finds would be, and she picked a Diane von Furstenberg original wrap dress.  DvF invented the wrap style dress which I love too as they flatter all shapes!

1960s long necked Siamese cat ornaments £16.00 for set of three, 1970s Watney’s Red Barrel ashtray £6.00, from A Vintage Affair:

A Vintage Affair (@a.vintage.affair on Instagram) always have the best stock of vintage china.  Perfect for the home, weddings, tea parties and I can imagine, little tea rooms!  As I already have two boxes - eek!  I did say I'm a hoarder, but there were four boxes orginally! - of vintage china from my own wedding that I can't bear to part with, I homed in on the lovely Siamese cat ornaments instead!  I collect the black cat versions of these, but their blue eyes were just so cute!  

Their own 'favourite find' from their selection of treasures was the Watney 'Roll Out The Red Barrel' ashtray - I liked the colours on that too!

1950s-60s salt glazed kitties £2.00 each, from One Man’s Trash:

OMG how cute are these four little salt glaze Japanese kitties?  I love them, and at £2.00 each, such a great price too!  I’ve been following @onemanstrash_vintage on Instagram for a while now, and love the selection of goodies available on the stall and online!  

I had the lambs to match these cats but sold them myself in my own Instagram shop – now I wish I hadn’t so I could’ve bought the matching cat family!  

I bought a ‘Shy Violet’ Rainbow Brite doll from One Mans Trash instead though – she has purple hair like me so I couldn’t resist!  Rainbow Brite (dolls, erasers, bedding, bags, you name it) is yet another collection I have, but the rest are from my childhood so I have the excuse that didn’t buy the others myself!