Finds of the Fair 14th June 2015

Cricket whites, £5.00 each from Anne (I asked Anne if she traded under any name however she just told me to call her the Crystal Lady!):
I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for cricket whites, and when I spied these I knew I had to include them.  Plus I thought that the three jumpers hanging up on the atomic coat hooks made a cracking photo!  As you can see the jumpers all include their club's crest and initials, however I couldn’t find out where they actually came from.  Anne told me she received the jumpers from a friend. 

I narrowed it down to four potential cricket clubs: either Harrow United Cricket Club, Hackney Umpire’s Cricket Club, Hull University Cricket Club or Hampton United Cricket Club.  But it doesn’t really matter.  For the mere price of £5.00 you could complete the perfect prep look!  I didn’t buy one in the end, which I am definitely regretting as I write this.

Limited edition 1991 reprint of a 1952 Monaco racing poster, £65.00 rolled or £115.00 framed from Modernist Mid-Century:

Stephen at Modernist Mid-Century never fails to impress me with his wares, from the incredible 7” record folder I bought off him a few months ago to his amazing selection of vintage film posters from all over the world. 

This poster is an absolute dream to me.  From the design and art it includes to the incredible car that I wish I had.  As a lover of illustration and posters, Stephens’s wide range is always refreshing to look at and includes everything from Saturday Night Fever to Star Wars! 

I struggled to decide what poster to include as there was an incredible Bugatti one that we both admired, as well as an incredible Lambretta advert (that hurt to look at as I long to own a Lambretta).  Anyone interested in advertisement, or film history spanning many eras, should give Modernist Mid Century a look.  It is definitely worth it.

1940s Persian wool jacket, £60.00 from Make Do and Vintage:

I am a sucker for clothes, and can appreciate a lovely piece when I see one - this jacket being exactly that.  The contrast of the Persian wool on the faux black fur is just incredible.  This little gem was hidden between a few things at Make Do and Vintage and I could not decide what to photograph.  The amazing selection of era-spanning clothes had just blown my mind!  I was very tempted to buy a pair of incredibly obscene 1970s beach shorts, but I practiced some self-restraint this once.

Late 60s-early 70s Bush plastic lamp, £20.00 from Vintage Things Forever:
This lamp was a ‘right place in the right time’ purchase as Noel and Jane from Vintage Things Forever were having a half-price sale.  After giving all their incredible homeware a once over, this lamp caught both the eye of me and my mother, who could not pass up the opportunity of only having to pay £20.00 instead of £40.00 for this amazing piece of plastic!  This is, surprisingly, the first thing I have included in my finds that we took home!  And if we don’t find a place for this in the house, I am definitely taking this to university with me!

Sinclair ZX81, £30.00 from Windmill Lane Vintage:

I just had to snap this as soon as I saw it!  The Sinclair ZX81 was a home computer and successor to the ZX80.  Being a gamer myself I would have loved to have bought and played with this, however I don’t think any TVs I own would be able to work with it! 

A real piece of gaming and computer history, it was the first home computer that could be bought in a high street shop - the main retailer for this being W.H. Smith - and you could either buy it ready-made or in bits to build yourself!  Computers have DEFINITELY come a long way from the days of the Sinclair...

Modernist/Brutalist badges, £4.50 each from the Manchester Modernist Society:
I love these badges and wish I had bought one on the day!  They come from The Manchester Modernist Society, who publish a quarterly periodical - the modernist - about 20th century modernist architecture and design, originating in the North of England and now spreading its tentacles across the world. 

After only recently being introduced to this publication - through the Vintage Village no less! - I have been constantly impressed by them.  Their issues are incredible and the design is perfect.  I just love what they are about!  I shall be purchasing one of the ‘Modernist’ pins very soon, and advise you do as well!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my picks this fair! If you did, and want to enjoy more vintage clothes and other wares, check out my Instagram account @old8legs, it would be much appreciated!

I think you'll get quite a few more Instagram followers after this, Will!

It's been a pleasure to see what you picked from our fair, and your choices are as impeccably stylish as you are - with the odd surprise thrown in!

Thank you for your giving us such a delightful personal tour around our fair, and we look forward to seeing you next time!
Hello, my name is Will and I had the honour of being the Finder of the Fair at the June 2015 Vintage Village Concrete fair

I have been attending Vintage Village for a good year and a half now, if my memory serves me right, and I never fail to find a bargain from the many incredible sellers!  I am a student and have been collecting vintage - clothing and basically everything vintage-related - for a good few years, a passion that was passed on to me by my fabulous mum and dad!  Mainly I collect 50s-70s fashions. 

Well that is enough about me! I hope you enjoyed what I spied at the latest fair as much as I enjoyed looking for it!

1950s black German vase, £10.00 from Bluecat Jewellery:
Out of all the fabulous pieces Danielle of Bluecat Jewellery had to offer, this little German beauty really caught my eye.  Being brought up by a mother who has collected vintage pottery my whole life - and even before! - I have developed a keen eye, and a taste for it myself.  The reason I liked this piece so much is because the markings reminded me of a zebra!  The striking red on the inside of the vase just adds to the beauty of it and I would definitely have bought this, if I hadn’t have spent all my money beforehand!

1950s Space-Age ash tray, £15.00 from Retrodecs:
This little thing caught my eye straight away.  The contrast of the chrome and wood just looks incredible.  After a discussion with Aileen of Retrodecs, and a browse at the incredibly good wares she had to offer, we both came to the conclusion that this ashtray was a 70s-does-50s remake, however I would not turn my nose up at it!  It’s a fabulous piece of design even if you don’t smoke, and would not look out of place on the set of Mad Men!  I can just see Don Draper putting a cigarette out in it.

[Editor's note: I think this looks like a 50s original].

Guinness playing cards, £5.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:
This little pack of playing cards has to be one of my favourite things that I spotted at the fair!  Essentially Eagle Vintage had a great selection of mid-century clothing, accessories, furniture and homeware, which is what drew my attention to the stall.  After doing a little searching around I found these - hidden under an incredible Sooty hand puppet that I was contemplating buying - and I just had to photograph them. 

I find the old Guinness advertising art incredibly beautiful.  I mean, who can’t like that Toucan’s face?!  Much to my satisfaction the cards also had this fabulous art on them.  I can just imagine a couple of old boys, sat around having a great time playing with these, enjoying a nice cold pint of Ireland’s finest…

Clarks Lucky Two Shoe Club medal badge, £12.00 from Dabberdecades:

This is something I was very surprised to find, as I have only ever seen these badges online.  I recently purchased one for myself, and before that I had never seen one in the flesh!  The story of these badges is just incredible: a child could become a member on their first purchase of Clark’s shoes and receive their badge with regular information and discount offers, as well as a birthday card from Clarks! 

After doing a little more research, I discoverd that a past member of the club had given a description of the cards they used to send: “The card had a picture of a horse wearing red shoes on its rear hooves being rode by two children,” as well as the poem: “Lucky two shoes prances by, singing as he skips along, what a happy horse I am, listen to my birthday song, this is what I wish for you, lots of cards and presents too, happy feet to dance and play, on this very special day.” 

I think the story behind these badges is lovely and I wish it was still going now - I’d love Clark’s discount!

1960s hand crotched top, £12.50 from Kinky Melon’s Retro Boutique:

I could not pass this up.  As soon as I saw it I had to buy it.  I am a huge fan of vintage knit tops, and this one just takes the biscuit!  I’d love to have met the person who made this top!  Thank you very much, whoever you were, for making this to add to my collection. 

Kinky Melon are always a good go-to.  Every single time I have been to them at the Vintage Village, they just seem to take more and more of my money!  Anyone who is interested in late 50s to 70s clothing and fashion give them a look, you will not regret it.

Collage Collie dog picture of indeterminate date, £30.00 from Gem’s Bits and Bobs:
This rather strange and macabre picture of a dog is made from real fur!  Gem and I hope that the person who owned it before got creative when their dog died, and, instead of having it buried, got it turned into this ‘lovely’ picture.  I actually found it strangely alluring - there is just something about it!  Even if the idea of it makes you shiver, it is certainly original!

[Editor's note: Lassie, what have they done to you??]