Finds of the Fair 14th July 2019

This month's Finds range in price from £1.00 to £120.00, are entirely random - although there's a few seasonally appropriate choices - and hopefully indicate the unpredictable variety of goodies you can find at the Vintage Village every month. 

The next one is coming up soon - hope you can make it!

Asprey black velvet and gold leather evening sandals, £75.00 from Paul Crompton:

These glamorous t-bar sandals are very, VERY posh.  The venerable Asprey of New Bond Street, London, has been in business since 1781 and is better known for jewellery, silver and exquisite leather cases.  They've held Royal Warrants since 1862, don't you know.

1960s Royal Falcon Ware storage jar, £8.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:

It's just about impossible to walk away from Essentially Eagle Vintage's stall empty handed.  Gail covers a lot of ground with her extensive stock!  This exuberant over-sized floral transfer printed jar is missing its wooden lid, but that's fine with me - you could use it as a utensil jar, pen pot or stick a plant in it (plus I have far too many pretty but empty storage jars).  The slightly muted, 'off' colours are very late 1960s Biba, which tallies with the stamped date underneath; 1-69.

1960s Melaware four place set with some spares, £35.00 the lot from We Used To Have One Of Those:

There's a strong association of melamine tableware with summer holidays - no campsite, caravan or camper van would be complete without some 'indestructible', lightweight, colourful melamine.  Well - whisper it - it's not indestructible!  It may chip and fracture if dropped on a hard surface, it's easily scratched with metal utensils and scourers, and it is liable to stain if you leave your tea or coffee dregs to dry out. But I adore it, and have a cabinet full to prove it.  Treat it nicely and it will stay as clean and shiny as this lovely collection, in a sunny golden yellow.  31 pieces for £35.00 is £1.13 per item - what a deal!

1920s celluloid button hook, £1.00 from Jim:

After finding the boot ornaments on Keith's stall, I had a rummage on his friend Jim's stall and dug up a smart little button hook, the essential tool for fastening those tight fitting buttoned boots.  You would push the hook through the button hole, snare the button shank in the hook and tug it through the button hole.  It must have been a proper faff to get dressed!  This button hook appears to date from the last years of the button boot era; the handle is made of laminated celluloid in ivory and deep aqua blue, the blue carefully ground off to reveal the ivory beneath.

1950s-60s cat's eye sunglasses, £20.00 from Anna's Attic:

Something for a sunny summer holiday!  A super pair of shades in a restrained cat's eye style in layered acetate, with their original hard case.  Stylish vintage sunglasses in good wearable condition are getting harder to find, especially pre-1970s, so these beauties are quite the bargain.

Don't forget, anyone can be the Finder of the Fair - perhaps it could be you next time?  Get in touch to volunteer!

1970s Hi-Q Hexed puzzle game, £10.00 from The Grand Collector:

Just a lovely, lovely thing in all the blues.  Apparently there are 2,339 ways to form a rectangle from these pieces.  I'd put this in a box frame and hang it on the wall as an art piece.

African mask, £20.00 from RDC Arts:

Richard of RDC Arts has an amazing selection of art, prints, posters, and quite a few African carved wooden masks and figures from his own collection.  Unless you are well-informed in this area, it is impossible to discern which African country they originate from, which feels rather shameful as it's such a huge continent with numerous distinctive cultures.  So I can't tell you where this mask was made, or even when it was made, but I can admire its refined form and striking design and the disciplined skill of the carving.  It's like a three dimensional etching.

Large malachite and 9ct gold ring, £120.00 from Moor Vintage:

Sharda has some lovely pretties, and this stunner of a ring stands out.  The huge malachite cabochon has been carefully cut to enhance the impact of those dark green striations, set in a simple oval ring edged with rope beading.  An understated statement ring.

Ceramic Edwardian style boot £3.00, cast aluminium black boot £2.50, from Keith:

I honestly don't know what it is about these that appeals to me, but it definitely indicates a weakness for kitsch.  The ceramic boot with the higher heel and the tan spat is a practical style for ladies around the 1910s I think; the cast metal black boot is probably a child's of a similar era.  There's a whole field of vintage footwear-themed ornaments that is desperately unfashionable now, but must have been very popular in its day.  Perhaps it's the surreal nature of a miniature boot that you can put on your knick knack shelf?

1950s Rhona Ray wool dress, £60.00 from Vintage in Furs:

The very chic - and very nice! - Charlotte of Vintage in Furs was offering some of her exquisite wardrobe in preparation for launching her vintage clothing business, and this slinky fitted dress was one of many I could have chosen as a Find.  In soft cream wool with elbow length sleeves, this deceptively simple garment is enlivened with two dramatic diagonal slashes backed with dark chocolate wool and accented with dainty bows in the same colour.  The cut and the finish are impeccable.  A quality vintage garment that  bodes well for Charlotte's new business.  Look out for her, this young lady has taste!

1950s Sputnik convex mirror, £80.00 from HepKat55:

I've seen a few 1950s atomic style mirrors, but this one was so pristine I had to include it as a Find.  Not only that, but it has a white surround - genuine original finish and all - which is pretty unusual.  Ian of HepKat55 commiserated politely with me about the sorry state of my own sadly corroded atomic mirror, but could offer no solution.  Apart from buying this one, perhaps?