Finds of the Fair 14th January 2018

Hello, I’m Andy White, a freelance advertising copywriter, Manchester manager of Musicians Against Homelessness, part time pub-rock god and full-time dad.

I’m also an inveterate collector of questionable old cars, interesting lighting, 1970s stereo stuff and all manner of rusty, dusty, nonsense.

As a regular visitor to The Vintage Village I was naturally delighted to be asked to perform the role of “Finder Of The Fair” – an honour bestowed on only the chosen few - and got straight down to business.

Probably pre-50s miniature mangle, £40.00 from Mad Hatton’s Vintage:

Mad Hatton’s Vintage is well worth a visit, if only to see exactly what Rob’s up to at any given moment of the day.  My pick of his stall this time round was a brilliant little child’s toy mangle, modelled here by the man himself.  A snip at £40.00, in my opinion. (The mangle, not Rob)

Diamanté brooch, £?? from The Side Room:

The Side Room is a real Aladdin’s cave, a big, busy stall featuring everything from costume jewellery, through fabulous fabrics to toy cars and more.  I’ve cheated a bit here and chosen as my find a piece I bought from Anne and Vic a couple of fairs ago.  It’s a brilliant little “Mother” diamanté brooch that’s been brightening up my Belstaff ever since.

1960s saucy cruet set, £15.00 from We Used To Have One Of Those:

Have you ever been scandalised by salt?  Left pink in face by pepper?  If not, you’ve obviously not seen the cheeky little cruet on sale at We Used To Have One Of Those.  Believed to be of Japanese origin and by TT Patent, this racy little number was priced at just £15.00.  I was tempted to buy it but stall owner Dave told me it was strictly for adults only and I needed to bring a note from my mum.

1960s novelty guitar liqueur bottle, £15.00 from Blue Cat Vintage:

I love old novelty items, even more so when there’s a real dash of kitsch about them so I just had to take a closer look at the tremendous guitar-shaped liqueur bottle on the Blue Cat Vintage stall.  Complete with its box and at a price of just £15.00, it was right up my street.

Try as she might though, seller Danielle just couldn’t get a tune out of it.  (I rather suspected she may have sampled the contents, in fact).

Palissy coffee set, £15.00 from Maureen Woodman:

If you’re a fan of delicate vintage ceramics and glassware, Maureen Woodman’s stall is a must see.  You’ll find her at the Vintage Village most months with items like this beautiful coffee set always available.  Maureen was keen to point out that the coffee set boasts a generous six cups and saucers, even though only three cups were on show when I took the snaps!

1960s vinyl overnight case, £22.00 from TinTrunk:

With Audrey the Autobianchi parked outside, my thoughts naturally turned to a road trip.  And what does the stylish man about town need for a road trip?  Stylish luggage!  So, off to TinTrunk in 20th Century Stores, just across the marketplace.  Once inside, Sarah soon pointed me towards a smart 60s black vinyl overnight bag with red stripes to perfectly complement my car’s red interior.  Italy, here we come!

Well, that was loads of fun!  Huge thanks to Andy for sharing his favourites at our Happy New 2018 fair, and if you'd like to seek him out online, you can follow him on Twitter.

And if you'd like to have a go at Finding yourself, we'd love to hear from you.

Your Finder Andy and Audrey, his lovely 1967 Autobianchi.

Steam powered mini nuclear power station, £100.00 from Jim and Keith:

No visit could ever be complete without checking out what partners in crime and collectibles Keith and Jim have on their stall. This time, my favourite was the brilliant little steam-powered contraption just by Jim’s strategically placed elbow on this photo. Purpose unknown, appeal undeniable. Priced at £100 but haggled down to £80 it was a bargain in anyone’s book! The chat with either of these two great characters is, of course, priceless.

1970s David Bowie Sound and Vision 7”, 50p from Check Records:

I think I mentioned that I’m a fan of 1970s stereo equipment so it’s only natural that I’m always on the look out for vinyl records to add to my collection or replace those favourites that I’ve played to destruction.  Hence I was delighted to find a great copy of Bowie’s “Sound and Vision” single with Dave Checkley at Check Records.  Better still, it was priced at an amazing 50p!

1970s Sony portable TV, £?? from The Source:

As a fan of all things in 1970s home entertainment, Jeff Grainger’s stall instantly caught my eye.  I was particularly drawn to the fantastic Sony portable TV seen here.

1960s-70s framed pictures, £30.00 - £90.00 from Em’s Bygones:

In 20th Century Stores is the delightful Em’s Bygones, a treasure trove of ceramics, furniture, lighting and artworks from the 1960s and 1970s.

I was particularly taken with Elaine’s collection of prints and paintings.  And with such reasonable prices for something really special, there’s a piece here to grace any wall.

Stylish visitors, priceless:

One of the great joys of The Vintage Village is the people who make that extra effort and dress in vintage clothing for their visit.  I found the lovely Julie and Jennifer doing just that and browsing the racks of Value Vintage.  I think I was almost as taken with the stunning leopard skin coat on display there as they were.  Sadly, I don’t have any shoes that would go with it.

African fly swatter (it looks like a horse tail), £10.00 from Eye Wood Vintage:

My final stop of the day was at the Eye Wood Vintage stall, where I found an eye-popping array of weird and wonderful items.  Need a pair of leather lace-up clogs?  Look no further!  Perhaps a studded belt to add a heavy metal twist?  Sorted!

I was especially intrigued by the African fly swatter, priced at a pocket friendly £10.00.  However, with the scarcity of African flies in the Stockport area, I feel the market may be limited.

All in all, another tremendous day at the Vintage Village. See you at the next one!