Finds of the Fair 14th August 2016

Eversure petrol can, £20.00 from Emily Rose Vintage:

Wonderful colour on this - I wasn't surprised to find out this had sold between my first and second circuit.

1950s-60s Midwinter 14 piece tea set, £32.00 from All Our Yesterdays:

I am in the process of painting my bedroom this amazing shade of pink!

I Love Lucie (pop-up) Hair Parlour:

It was fantastic to see the I Love Lucie Hair Parlour pop up at Vintage Village.  Lucie has a lovely salon on Lower Hillgate/Underbanks, Stockport, and a steady stream of dedicated vintage lovers trek from far and wide to get the perfect colour and best bangs around!  In 20 minutes Lucie had worked wonders with her curling wand and had transformed my hair from 'bit of a mess' to a mass of wonderful waves.  I instantly wanted to find a new outfit to match my new hair.

[Editor's note: this photo is by Alan, and that's not Bronwen!]

Truck dash, £65.00 from Planet Vintage Girl:

There was a definite motoring vibe at VV this month with lots more tools, and car memorabilia which was super!  It was great to see such variety in the objects the traders had brought specially for this special fair. 

I was fascinated to find out that this truck dash came to Stockport all the way from Australia.  The colours were so good - the photo really doesn't do it justice!

Aladdin Pink Paraffin tin, £15, Miss Brown's Vintage:

I loved the colour of the pink label against the tin together and it is a really appealing shape!

1960s stockings, £5.00 from Value Vintage:

I love this illustration!

Kitch-a-Majig, £5.00 from The Side Room:

I love the name of this utensil and if you believe everything you read it 'crushes, strains, whips and lifts' - every home really should have one, and all this for a fiver.  As my dad would say, sure you couldn't beat it with a big stick!

Picnic blanket, £12.00 from Make Do and Mend:

This was definitely the bargain of the day as Make Do and Mend were selling their picnic blankets at half price.  I snapped this one up for the car all ready for my holidays!

1950s-60s glasses, £5.00 from Claire McNeil:

I love cat’s eye glasses anyway but when I heard that all the items on Claire's stand had belonged to one woman, her grandmother-in-law, Mary McNeil, I knew I had to feature these.  Claire displayed a picture of the woman in question, who was clearly a very stylish person.  I thought this personal touch was lovely.

Well, wasn't that an unpredictable ride? - we got feminine pretties and dashes of pink, and rusty metal cans and King Kong! 

Thank you Bronwen, you've done a superb job! 

And if you fancy a go at being our Finder of the Fair, just get in touch.

Hello there, I'm Bronwen.  I work in Stockport's museums and I also make hats as Bronwen Simpson Millinery.  My studio is just opposite the market hall where Vintage Village takes place so I always try to go in to check out the amazing variety of vintage wares.

I have wanted to be Finder of the Fair for ages but between working and selling my own work, it hasn't been possible so I was thrilled when I was asked to do it this month.  As the Classic Vehicles and Vintage Car Fair, I just knew this one would be a good one with lots of fab finds and I wasn't disappointed!

It was a super day - thanks for asking me to be FOTF!

1950s half-hat with beaded trim, £60.00 from Mary Jones Vintage:

I always make a beeline for Mary Jones Vintage to get my vintage hat hit.  There is always a stunning selection of hats, by some of the big names in millinery - all in really good condition.  My eyes fell on this glamorous little half-hat from the 50s.  The amount of work that has gone into the beaded trim is something else!  It was a wee stunner and looked great on.

1970s teak salad bowl set, £10.00 from Rita Black:

I have always loved wooden salad bowls and had to snap this set up.  I might actually try using them as hat blocks - I think the big one will make a great Jackie O style pillbox and the small ones might make cute button perchers.

King Kong game, £5.00 from Mad Hatton’s Vintage:

It was the box that really grabbed my attention here.  The aim of this game is to 'Attack King Kong five times before he climbs to the top of the World Trade Centre'.

1960s day dress, reduced to £10.00 from The Queen's Drawers:

A lovely print in a great drapey fabric and a bargain at £10.00.

1960s Kreutz jug, £18.00 from Snygg:

No trip to Vintage Village is complete without visiting 20th Century Stores where Snygg can be found.  There were lots of 'find' contenders here but this small but perfect jug really caught my eye.  I love the richness of the yellow and the texture of the black lava glaze.

1970s tooled leather handbag, £15.00 from Tiger Feet:

This item had a special pull for me - my mum had this very handbag when I was small and it really took me by surprise when I saw it.  I was suddenly transported back to Sunday afternoons spent dressing up in my mum's old clothes, I could spend hours rummaging around the bottom of her wardrobe which was covered in a mountain of handbags and shoes.

1960s children’s book Lets Find Out What’s Big and What’s Small, £5.00 from Shady Lane Vintage:

Shady Lane Vintage had a whole series of 'Find Out’ books by Martha and Charles Shapp with very funny titles and fantastic illustrations in shades of lime, brown and mustard.  It was difficult to choose just one but I went for this one because it reminded me of a Father Ted episode - you know the one where Dougal asks Ted if those are really small cows or are they just very far away.

Early 1900s textile trimming, £5.00 per metre from Fickle Pickle:

This was buried in a suitcase of old lace trims, tablecloths and other bundles of fabric.  The gold thread glinted at me and I found it very difficult to put it back!  I could instantly think of a million ways I could use is to trim one of my hats.