Finds of the Fair 14th August 2011

We've kept the Finds of the Fair in the family this month, with co-organiser Alan's daughter, Kat Lowe, stepping in at the last minute to take on the task.

Despite being poorly, she really threw herself into the job and we've had to edit her picks down a little bit or we'd be here all day!

In her own words: "I am a recent graduate at the University of Leeds studying English Lit and History, but continuing with a research MA in History.  I suppose I'm a self-proclaimed history geek with a love of anything Shakespeare (as you can see in the pictures!) and I am very much into music and cinema, Leeds night life and anything cat related!"

Our grateful thanks to Kat for saving the day.  Now please enjoy her marvellous selections.

Black leather briefcase £15.00, from Lost But Never Forgotten:
"Makes me want to run away somewhere."

Handmade cushion covers, £15.00 each from What Goes Around:
"My favourite stall of the fair, amazing handmade cushions and bags
to brighten up any space."

Tea set gift sets, around £15.00 from Vintage Retro Kitsch:
"Ideal Gifts."

1950s style floral dress, £45.00 from September Girl:
"Because a girl can never have too many floral dresses!"

Vintage 1966 Ericsson Cobra telephone, £60.00 from All Mod Cons:
"Amazing selection of 1960s homeware"

1950s inhaler from Cyprys Antiques & Collectables:

1980s shoes, £15.00 from Laurette’s Vintage Fashion:

1950s Flying Ducks £15.00 from The Side Room:
"Wonderfully kitsch"

1950s handmade prom dress, £50.00 from Kitty's Vintage Closet:
"Every girl’s dream"

1920s childrens record player, “999” German make, £80.00 from James Wilson.
"In full working order, as you can see!  What a fabulous and fun collector's item."

Ceramic flower brooches, £10.00 each from Handmade By Me.
"So gorgeous, and each one is unique."

Fairtrade Lipslicks, £2.95 from Bathing Beauty:

1825 editions of Shakespeare’s plays, £20.00 each from Eclecta Books:
"Anything to do with Shakespeare will grab my attention and these are so cute!"

Carrot cake, small £2.00, large £3.50 from Purdy’s:
"Handmade cakes and confectionary and the best Baileys fudge
I've ever tasted."

Handmade Decanter Necklaces £17.00 from Lady in Print:
"Now I can wear the name of my true love round my neck - Rum!"