Finds of the Fair 14th April 2019

1950s French boxed Disney cube puzzle, £18.00 from RetroFunky:

Well how cute is this!!!  I love Disney, especially the vintage Disney films.  This made me smile as soon as I saw it, it’s original box was in lovely condition and had that patina toys get from being played with and loved.  After seeing this item I had “he’s a tramp” stuck in my head all day.

1960s Ravenhead Slim Jim glasses, £22.00 from All Our Yesterdays:

I had to choose these boxed drinking glasses for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, look at the beautiful poker pattern, golden age Vegas vibes anyone?  The second reason is that they are Ravenhead glass made in St. Helens just like me.  The glass industry in my home town was the main source of employment and we were rather famous for Ravenhead and Pilkingtons.  The industry has pretty much gone now but I do love finding items from the glory days.

1950s kitsch donkey by Szeiler, £8.95 from Vintage Paraphernalia:
I have a soft spot for donkeys, they have that sad quite nature that just makes me go “Awhwhwhwww”.  I had one of these donkey myself but smaller and somehow I lost it, so this brought back memories.  The Szeiler company made lots of these donkeys in many colours, patterns and sizes.

1950s DIY magazines, £3.00 each from Anna’s Attic:

Now I’m more of a crafter than a DIY guy, but couldn’t help but look at these, the covers are so perfect, usually depicting happy newly weds decorating their first home together.  I bet there are some remnants of the DIY found in these magazine in homes across the UK.

Vintage Tarzan print, £5.00 from RDC Arts:

Now who doesn’t love a scantily clad man swinging from tree to tree?  Well it’s probably not the best idea in Stockport's chilly climate.  Tarzan, one of the most famous fictional comic book and film characters ever, was just lying in a pile of  classical prints when I spotted him.  I love the style of this drawing and must admit I regret leaving it behind!  But you can’t buy everything, can you?

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Do you want to be our Finder of the Fair?  It's your opportunity to share your taste and style, selecting from the infinite (nearly!) variety of intriguing items at our fair.  And it's easy!

Hello everyone, I’m Alastair, one half of Balmer and Stanley Vintage.  When I was approached to be Finder of the Fair I jumped at the chance for two reasons - one, I love vintage hunting and two, it gave me the excuse to be nosey!

We've been regulars at the Vintage Village for the past three years and feel like part of the family now.  So are you sitting comfortably?  Then we shall begin.  Once upon a time ....

1960s American enamel flower brooch, £10.00 from Moor Vintage:

Now I’m not usually attracted to enamel jewellery, but this flower power brooch just grabbed my attention as I was trotting about.

It was in beautiful condition and had lovely crystal details, it reminded me of the flowers in the Munchkin town scene from The Wizard of Oz.  It also reminded me that summer is just around the corner!

1950s Lord Nelson jug and bowl, £15.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:

When I visited Essentially Eagle Vintage she had so many things to choose from, I decided on this as I like 1950s ceramics very much, the ceramics are decorated in Mexican hats, guitars, cacti and fruit, and they are the kind of vintage item that you can really use.  I was tempted!

1969 Disney cinema poster, £25.00 from The Modernist:

If you're looking for vintage movie posters look no further than The Modernist.  I decided to choose this 1969 re-release poster of 101 Dalmatians by Walt Disney, again I’m a sucker for anything Disney, especially a vintage Disney with an unforgettable villain like Cruella DeVille.  Picture this image framed on your wall - wow!  If I only had the wall space!

1940s/1950s paper doll book, £5.00 from Mrs M Vintage:

This jumped out at me the moment I saw it.  I miss paper dolls, I can’t believe children don’t play with them now!  I used to get them from the Post Office as a child and they must have been on that shelf at least 30 years before I’d got them.  This book was illustrated by Queen Holden, a famous paper doll illustrator.  There are so many wonderful costumes and hair dos inside, I couldn’t leave this behind and had to get it!  MEMORIES.

1960s standard lamp with original shade, £40.00 from Aspidistra Vintage:

Aspidistra Vintage is my vintage sister and you can usually find us screaming laughing together.  She always has beautiful items for sale.  This lamp is iconically 1960s with its atomic legs and drum shade, the shade has this unusual rose shadow print on it that glows when lit.  It’s also a handy side table so would work great next a chair to pop your drink on.

Well it was lots of fun finding Finds.
Keep vintage hunting!