Finds of the Fair 13th October 2013

Hello and welcome to my Finds of the Fair for October.  I am one third of Attic Bazaar who only started trading in May of this year.  My name is Carole and I am not giving my exact age but rest assured I am Vintage!  I have always been interested in clothes and fashion items and began collecting when I was a teenager.  The Vintage Village gives me the opportunity to wear some of them (the ones that still fit anyway!)
My other passion is dolls houses which is also an outlet for my interest in all things historical.  I have several houses representing various eras which I fill with little people that I dress myself.  I couldn't stop buying the dolls and sewing their outfits once I started so now I sell them at Dolls House fairs.  I live with two men (husband and son - don't panic Mr Mainwaring!) so the best thing about miniature houses is that things stay tidy and there is no cooking, cleaning or sock finding involved!

Michelle Bridges
Michelle Bridges wearing a gorgeous forties coat:
The coat was not for sale unfortunately but I had a lovely chat with Michelle who assured me that despite turning up in a different Forties outfit at every fair she is still buying!

1950s dressing table tray, £12.00 from Allsortz:
I got very nostalgic when I saw this tray with its lovely curved handles and scene from the ballet Giselle, as I owned the hairbrush, mirror and comb to match when I was about eleven years old. Then I became a teenager and gave it away as I decided it wasn't cool (or whatever word we used then) anymore.

Handmade bracelets made from vintage beads by Anne:

Geometric piece of art used by Anne to cleverly set off her handmade bracelets crafted from vintage beads.  This was the most colourful display I saw all day and it made me forget about the dull day outside.

Vintage Marilyn
Upcycled vinyl handbag, £20.00 from Marilyn of Vintage Marilyn:
Yes your eyes do not deceive you, this clever handbag has been made by somehow sewing two old vinyl records into the design.  A welcome change from the Blue Peter method of making plant pots by melting them near a coal fire (Health and Safety officers avert your eyes!)  Marilyn assured me that the disc on the flipside is a title by The Shadows.

Tea for Two Vintage
1950s shot glasses, £10.00 from Rebecca at Tea for Two Vintage:
These little horses on their carousel were too cute to resist.  They will fit perfectly with my daughter's fifties look living room.  Thanks Rebecca.

A hat mountain from Aileen of Retrodec:
The hats are so beautifully arranged with the model wearing the eye-catching leopard print 1927 flapper hat with leather bow at the back.  It was sold quite early on and worn for the rest of the fair by it's beaming new owner.  She looked Fab!

Lola Cream Vintage
1930s black grosgrain shoes from Jenny of Lola Cream Vintage:
I love shoes but they are the hardest items to find in good condition.  These were perfect but sadly not for me as they were a size 5 and I am a 3-4.  So much for people in the past being smaller!  Jenny believes the shoes are from the Twenties but they are such a classic style they could complement an outfit from several different decades.

Set of coffee cans, £18.00 from Jane of Agatha Blue:
I don't drink coffee but if anything could change my mind it would be these lovely swirly turquoise cups.

Make Do and Mend
1950s Kitchenette from Make Do and Mend:
Another "blast from the past" although the one in our house in the fifties was, I think, green and cream.  So many of these must have been thrown away when the fitted kitchen era arrived but this cheery red one survived and was sold before I got the chance to ask if I could take its picture.  I hope it's new owner doesn't mind!

Penelope Cat Vintage
A row of Enid Blyton books from Penelope Cat Vintage:
Despite the Library ban of the seventies and eighties Enid Blyton has had a reprieve and is now regularly reprinted.  These copies however are from a previous era and all the better for it.  See how many titles you can read from the photo.  Sadly, Tales After Tea isn't there so the search goes on!

Many thanks to Carole, who kindly stepped in at the last minute to take up Finding duties!  And aren't we pleased she did!

And talk about keeping it in the family - Carole is last month's Finder - Rowena's - mum!