Finds of the Fair 13th November 2016

Vintage Christmas decorations, from £1.00 each, from Lace & Liquor Vintage:

Our stop at Lace & Liquor Vintage sent us both back to being very young, helping our parents decorate the "messy" tree with the baubles that used to belong to our grandparents (we had two Christmas trees, one in the dining room where the pets weren't allowed, all the best decorations went on this tree, and the fake Christmas tree that went in the living room to be decorated by us kids, and most likely tumbled by the pets).  The fantastic collection of late 1950s and 1960s Christmas decorations were a steal at £1 and upwards each, but they paled in comparison to the PIFCO 20 Light Fairy Ring, box included!  Kitsch Christmas heavenliness!!

1950s stool, £15.00 from Enid Brown & Sons:

This beautiful little stool is eye-catching and iconic in both colour and pattern - ATOMIC!

 There are no tell tale signs on this piece, I assume it has been recently reupholstered.  With no name or proof of age, this may not appeal to those hardcore mid century collectors but as a nice little feature piece to add colour and style to a room, I think this is wonderful.

Handmade vintage style hats, £50.00 and £80.00 from Pyewacket Millinery:

Now, this piece is my personal find of the fair ... It is of course the hat I was wearing while I was at the fair!  Pye Wacket Millinery is the business name of the lovely Lyndsay Cooper.  A number of years ago she studied on the millinery course held by Stockport's historical Hat Museum, and has more recently begun to sell her creations on Etsy and held a stall at the Mad Hatters Fair on behalf on the Hat Museum.  Her work is fantastic, they ooze early 20th Century glamour and some of the larger, more structural pieces scream of Schiaparelli.  The burgundy number that I was wearing has a price tag of £50 while the sleek blue turban-esque cloche that Adele was wearing is priced at £80 - why spend an arm and a leg on a vintage hat that you're too frightened to wear when you can spend less on a beautifully handmade piece with local ties? Hear hear!

1950s-60s bedside cabinet, £30.00 from Em's Bygones:

It isn't just the Market Hall that houses all the treasure, if you go over the cobbled road and find 20th Century Stores, you are definitely in for a treat.  It's a real trove that goes lower and lower into Stockport and every level has treats for the eyes. 

Halfway down the staircase labyrinth we found a stunning bedside table that doesn't scream, but whispers "boudoir" in a seductive manner.  Serving midcentury glamour realness in gold and cream vinyl, it looked like it had never been used!  It's a shame that there is no partner to this piece, but at £30 who can complain?  This beauty was found at Em's Bygones.

It looks like you two managed to agree on some very tasty items!  Thank you Chloe and Adele for sharing your best picks with us, you've done a totally brilliant job!

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Hello All!!  This month, my sister and I are your Finders of The Fair!  We are Chloe and Adele Nugent, avid knitters, 1940s dream-livers and all round vintage lovers.  You may have spotted us at this month's Vintage Village, the Mad Hatters Fair, sporting wonderful hats created by the talented Pyewacket Millinery's Lyndsay Cooper - and I hope you visited her stall!!

As always, when we visit this particular vintage fair, we walk in, instantly see hundreds of items we need in our home, make puppy eyes at the items and their owners for a few hours, then leave - not so empty handed, saying the same thing to each other, "the thing is, right, we just need a bigger house..."

Of course this time was no different.

Now, more often than not, Adele and I have very different taste for certain items, so this is a list of things that we both agreed were the best items of the fair (and that we'd like to take home to live happily with our ever growing collection of wool and cats).

1940s handbags, £80.00 each from Mary Jones Vintage & Glamour:

Mary Jones Vintage & Glamour had, what I believe to be one of the most impressive collections of 1940s and 1950s handbags I have seen to date.  And glamour really is the key word here.  We couldn't limit ourselves to just one item from this stall, so we picked three!  Two beautiful navy handbags from the forties, one of which had a ginormous and pristine clear Lucite clasp, the other a hexagonal labyrinth of fine blue Cordette with a handle to match.  Heaven. 

I personally didn't think they could be topped, until the stall holder herself pointed us towards a small, unassuming brown leather bag.  Dated early fifties, this funny little thing, she explained, is a Ladies Racing Bag - eh?  No, me neither - she opened it up to reveal a trove of untouched beauty.  This bag is for the lady who has a penchant for gambling while maintaining glamorous organisation.  The bag contains a pen, a logbook (unused!!!) for all bets placed, a mirror for touching up, two small wallets for change, one on a chain and the other attached, and a packet of matches, for no lady likes to get caught without a light at the races!  Displayed atop its original box, this item is perfection.  All handbags listed are priced at £80.00, bargain.

1930s Asian lady plaster bust £35.00; 1950s lady plaster bust £20.00, from We Used To Have One Of Those:

We Used To Have One Of Those is a phrase I have said, and heard, on more than one occasion at the Vintage Village, so as a stall name, I think it is brilliant.  As are the two lady busts we found there.  The gentleman proprietor informed us that he bought both ladies in Belgium; the Asian lady is an original sculpture, made in the twenties or thirties as the signature in her back reads Salvatore Melani, an Art Deco sculptor who passed away in 1939. 

Less information was known about the brown lady, but judging the style and the shaping she was made in the late 1950s.

1960s Pyrex Drinkups £4.00 each, 1960s glass jug and glasses set £20.00, from Boomerang Vintage & Retro:

If you love mid century crockery and glassware, then you need go no further than Boomerang Vintage & Retro.  Amongst the plethora of seventies kitchen set goodness and Pyrex, we spotted a nice yellow teacup tree full of iconic 1960s glass coffee cups with bright plastic coats and handles.  Priced at £4 each it was difficult to not buy the whole lot.  Judging by the colours available, this wasn't a full set but an impressive collection nonetheless. 

Also at Boomerang Vintage & Retro there was a glorious pitcher and six glass set - each glass was printed with a Blue Jay and a Western Tanager perching on leafy branches, while the pitcher displayed two larger than life, bright and wonderful Western Tanagers.  Being the avid bird lover that I am, this was difficult to leave behind.  Priced at £20 for the set, I desperately hope no one bought it and I will find it again one day! ... Pigs may fly.

1960s blanket, £35.00 from All Our Yesterdays:

This next find, I'm not 100% whether it has any relation to Pendleton brand blankets, but that's what I thought of as soon as I saw it, and even more so when I spotted the RIO label with a little flamenco dancer!  Whether it is or isn't, it is a beautiful blanket with vivid colours throughout; unfortunately, there is a spot or two of thinning that could be easily repaired and on the whole, I think it would be a good purchase.