Finds of the Fair 13th November 2011

Hello, ladies and gents. First, an introduction.

I am Jay Taylor, born in Manchester, the son of a bass player and a showgirl.

Having been at various times a shoe model, radio presenter, illustrator, music producer, sexual health worker, jeweller, comic store worker, music journalist, and partner in the folly that was the first Mancunian urban beach project, I now stretch my time between being promoter / manager of Manchester’s fabulous Ruby Lounge venue and various other music industry shenanigans. Oh, and I was Mister February in the inaugural Beards of Manchester calendar 2011.  At sometime in the future there may be a third LP for my combo Bone-box, but I’m currently working on the soundtrack to a UFO road-movie documentary.

But onto my Vintage Village finds that I rooted out on Sunday 13th November…

Agnes Darling
This Saucy Dish (see what I did there) c/o Alfred Meakin in Celadon Green, was spotted on the splendid Agnes Darling stall. What a great little thing.  I like that she’s wearing a veil, which aspires to lend an air of mystique I suppose, though draped on a more-or-less naked figure that boat has plainly sailed.

James Wilson
A Thermograph is a thermometer that records temperature variations on a graph as a function of time (but you knew that right?)  As strange as it may seem I’ve no real use for a thermograph, but I wanted to take this home and just sit it some place, as it’s a fascinating and lovely electronic device.  Mr. Wilson, whose stall it was on, has another at home he says, with a second gauge to measure air pressure.  Wonderful.  Beautiful things need have no practical use of course, even if they once did have.

Eclecta Books
Speaking of outer space [see right -->], what an oddball thing this Dune movie children's pop up book is.  You heard right, it’s a children’s panorama pop-up book based on the over-long, dreamlike, often derided, David Lynch adaptation of Frank Herbert’s science fiction opus.  “Look Mummy!  Marauding giant sandworms!”  I nosed out this terrific thing on the fantastic Eclecta Books stall.  Second-hand bookstores are by far my favourite places on Earth.

Mama J's Vintage Goods
And finally, I came across a gorgeous 1960s gabardine men’s overcoat with a great colour and cut c/o Baracuta. The proprietor of Mama J's Vintage Goods where it was hung (amid stacks of other fabulous garments) reliably informed me that Baracuta are still firmly in business, and famously make Harrington jackets.

Vintage 78 DJs
First off I came upon a beautiful 1930s Columbia Gramophone, originally sold many moons ago from the J. Moffat store in Penrith, but found here on the Vintage 78 DJs' stall, and what a magnificent thing it is - immaculate, ergonomic and throwing out a sensational tone.  It was playing the astonishing Django Reinhardt when I found it and quite right too.

Cyprys Antiques and Collectables
This microphone was made by Garrard and Co Ltd sometime in the 50s.  I’ve a collection of vintage microphones collecting dust somewhere chez Taylor, so this caught my eye making me think “I should really get rid of that collection of vintage microphones collecting dust somewhere chez Taylor."  This great thing was sat on the Cyprys Antiques & Collectables stall amongst lots of other superb, recherché items.

Pop & Dinks
This fetching and vivid heater, which reminded me of what it must look like to be beamed up onboard a UFO, was spied on the superb Pop & Dinks stall.  Likely dating back to the 60s, it’s a piece of outstanding design and I’m informed that it still works a treat.

Mr Jay Taylor can be found on Twitter under the moniker @showbody.  Go and follow him!

Our effusive thanks to Jay for casting his discerning eye around our fair and presenting such a fascinating and unique selection.