Finds of the Fair 13th May 2018

Glass head, £30.00 from Thingummy Doodah:

I'm sure several fellow vintage lovers would agree that half the fun of the fair is mentally furnishing/re-furnishing your house.  It's probably just as well I don't have one yet.  Purely ornamental?  Wig/hat stand?  Traumatic night light for a child's bedroom?  The options are endless.

1970s green leather coat, £30.00 from Value Vintage:

I came back to this coat a grand total of five times, having misread my Finder of the Fair instructions and thinking I wasn't allowed to buy it.  Gutted.  Also, always read your emails properly.

1960s ’Pussyfoots' black and cream shoes, £25.00 from Her Ribbons and Her Bows:

Anxiety over the longevity of vintage shoes is a natural part of the buying/wearing process, sometimes you have to put those doubts aside and appreciate a banging brand name.  For the record these seemed in fantastic condition and perfectly wearable, ready to dance the night away in any suburban kitchen.

Pastel Sheffield Steel Knives, £6.00 and napkin rings £8.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:

Maybe it was the sunshine, maybe I'm just a sucker for Sheffield made things - if anybody happens to have a life-sized, cardboard cut out of Jarvis to flog, you know where I am - but these captured my imagination.  I'm feeling extravagant summer picnics, soft cheese abounds and everybody speaks perfect French.  Only it's Park Hill and the cheese is Dairylea.

1960s Slazenger Bowling Bag, £20.00 from Eye Wood Vintage:

As a habitual destroyer of weekend bags, I've learned to spot a sturdy one from a mile off.  This piece would also double as a fantastic apology gift to the touchy Mod boy in your life, for that one time you boil washed all his cashmere...absolutely not on purpose.

Hello!  My name is Elise Hadgraft: beat poet, frontwoman of Stockport electroclash outfit corporationpop, Britpop hangover and general nuisance.

I'm not entirely sure if irregular attendees of the fair would recognise me from the front, I seem only ever to have been photographed there from behind...still trying to work out whether to be flattered or offended ;)

Although this was supposed to be a solo mission, due to surgery earlier in the week I was accompanied by both my mother and little lad, who very kindly helped me pick out a few items and generally kept me from wandering off in a daze.

Here's what we found.

1960s Fidelity portable record player, £35.00 from Woodstock Vintage:

First spotted but last to be photographed.  I'm admittedly no aficionado but if they're anything like the old Dansettes, you'd likely do less damage to your records playing them with the (also very nice) set of utensils next door.  Still, it would look lovely on a sideboard.

1970s ‘On The Buses' original artwork, £40.00 from We Used To Have One Of Those:

Many moons ago my mum owned the picture framers and gallery down on Lower Hillgate.  No prizes for guessing that this was her choice.  When the opportunity arises to buy original artwork you like, I'd always encourage you to go for it.  Just give it the dignity of something more than a clip frame, please.

1970s green and white mini dress, £25.00 and yellow bag, £10.00 from The Queen's Drawers:

A good portion of my personal wardrobe comes from this seller and I almost left the fair with a cracking brown jumpsuit - scuppered only by long queues at the changing tent and a fussy sprog.  A perfect starter dress for a burgeoning 60s wardrobe - machine washable items are your friend - and a belter of an accessory to boot.

1970s deadstock Boots Laundry Starch, £3.00 from All Our Yesterdays:

Here's one for the fellas.  Or at least 'the sort of fellas I hang about with'.  If anybody was wondering where our little community's backlog of deadstock starch is going: the under 30's Northern Soul scene.  I suggest buying it, pouring it out in front of them, handing them some spray starch and then repurposing the box.  It's a bloody good box.

An excellent selection, I'm sure you will agree!  Our fervent thanks to Elise (and family) for presenting such an appealing array of vintage treasures. 

You can find Elise on Instagram @aviewfromthestairs and here's her corporationpop Facebook page, just in case you missed the link at the top.