Finds of the Fair 13th March 2016

1920s lace and beaded evening gown, £80.00 from Garbo Antiques:

I dreamt of being belle of the ball in this beautiful handmade 1920s lace and beaded dress that Maggie of Garbo Antiques had for sale.

1960s-70s wooden stacking blocks, £7.00 from We Used To Have One Of Those:

A fight nearly broke out over who was going to buy this set of five 1960s-70s wooden building blocks from Dave of We Used To Have One Of Those.  I conceded upon learning that my opponent for them had a young daughter in mind for them.

1970s bendy rubber Rupert Bear, £20.00 from MickyGhanga:

This 1970s Rupert Bear in his original box waved hello to me from Mickyghanga's stall.  Wouldn’t he just cheer you up waking up to him every morning?  Rupert, I mean, not Micky (sorry Micky, we love ya really!)

Diabolo, £?? from The Side Room:

The Side Room’s Anne showed off her talents with this diabolo "Chinese Yo-Yo”.  These toys were common in Victorian times, and this example was made of wood and rubber.  I've seen them used as juggling props.  That could concentrate the mind and work off any batwing arms, ladies.

1960s evening dress, £25.00 from Jane Hamilton:

We did a lot of "oohing" and "aahing" when this beautifully dressed visitor tried on this emerald green 1960s dress at Jane Hamilton's.  She looked fantastic in it and got it for as snip at £25.00.  Jane is a favourite of mine as she has some fantastic vintage ladies’ dresses, coats and suits.

1950s Russian child’s lunchbox, £35.00 from Sheila’s Store:

Imagine turning up at school with this gorgeous tin 1959 Tallinn "Norma" children’s lunchbox.  It had a little bear on the back.  Your apple for the teacher would fit nicely into it.  It’s a beauty from Sheila's Store.

1960s Sportaville sequinned jacket, £?? from Kinky Melon’s Retro Boutique:

Over at Kinky Melon’s Retro Boutique there were great discussions as to who would wear this late 1960s Sportaville sparkly sequinned jacket.  In the sixties it could have been worn by one of the pop stars of the day.  Jon tried it but couldn't get his arm in it.  It would be lovely to wear to a bit of a do with white chiffon trousers or gold lame ones or lace.  Dancing around the house with the hoover would do it for me.  It was great to see Vix and Jon again, they always bring a fantastic range of men’s and women’s wear and both of them are dressed to impress and a sight for sore eyes.  For me the fact that they look after their regular customers is a plus.  Not for my purse though or over bulging wardrobe.

1950s paper sugar bags, £4.00 for ten from Vintage Things Forever:

Odd things like these 1950s half pound paper sugar bags do it for me.  As a creative type, I'm always drawn to using things for anything but what they are meant to be used for.  With these I would use them for little gift bags, putting home made sweets, biscuits or handmade lavender bags in.  Even little vintage finds.  They were downstairs in 20th Century Stores being sold by Vintage Things Forever.  They've still got some if you are interested.

Dessert bowl set, £12.00 from A Vintage Affair:

You can guarantee to spot something unusual at A Vintage Affair.  This English China dessert set and stand was a snip at £12.00.  It’s so pretty and useuable.  I can see berries topped with miniature meringues and cream being served in this little beauty.

1950s-60s grooming kit keyring, £?? from Emily Rose Vintage:

Had to bring home this tiny grooming kit keyring from Emily Rose Vintage.  The comb won't go through my thick mop of hair but it will look good as a bag charm or as a little gift for one of my vintage loving friends.  I had a field day on this stall buying all miniature things and a leather 1940s collar box.  More things for my creative side to play with.

Hello from Lynn and Philip of A Vintage Habit which is our Facebook page and One I Made Earlier Today blog (and on Instagram @lynn.vintagehabit).

We are regular visitors to the Vintage Village and love the buzz and friendliness of the place.  It’s the one day of the month which is an absolute must on our calendar, and when I (Lynn) was asked to do Finds Of The Fair for March, I couldn’t resist as I love talking to all the traders, seeing what fabulous things they are going to tempt us with and enjoying a bit of escapism from the working week.

I wear vintage clothes every day and the neighbours love to see what outfit I'm stepping out the gate in and what we've bought from the Vintage Village.

1940s Bakelite hairdryer, £20.00 from Retrodecs:

To get ready for the ball how about using this 1940s Bakelite hairdryer over on Aileen of Retrodecs stall?  My mum had a similar one, there were no fancy straighteners then.

1950s-60s novelty wooden handbag, £?? from Mary Jones Vintage:

Mary Jones Vintage had so many lovely hats that I photographed about three, but in the end it was this quirky bag that stole the show.

1970s Eastex red dress, £10.00 from Shady Lane Vintage:

Lucie of Shady Lady Vintage always has something on her rails to suit me and this month I spotted this 1970s Eastex polyester red dress for £10.00.  I'm a sucker for a bow tie neck and had to have it at that price.

1920s Singer Sewing Machines leaflet, £2.00 from Vintage Clutter:

I love a bit of haberdashery and Vintage Clutter always comes up trumps.  I spotted this little 3" booklet for £2.00 by Singer Sewing Machines.  It’s full of old pictures on how to use your treadle machine, of which I have one in my hallway that’s still in working order.

The booklet even has the name and address of the owner on the front.  Wonder if they still live there?

I may just put in the drawer of my machine and take it out from time to time, or I might use it in one of my creative projects.

Musical toilet roll holder, £10.00 from Mad Hatton’s Vintage:

Fun things - This wind up musical wooden toilet roll holder plays "whistle while you work" when you pull the paper.  Someone got a real talking piece for £10.00 there from Mad Hatton’s Vintage.  It made us all laugh listening to it play.

Barometer/hall cabinet, £15.00? from Windmill Lane Vintage:

Someone was bound to be swept away with this fantastic barometer/clothes brush stand over on Windmill Lane Vintage, it was quite unique and would not only look fabulous hanging in a hallway or cloakroom but it’s useful too.

1950s gent’s cardigan, £17.50 from Vintage 78 DJs:

One for the men here, a 1950s American Rich-Sher Vagabond Two ply wool cardigan, in great condition.  My dapper chap hubby Philip couldn't resist it at £17.50 from Matt and Annabel at Vintage 78 DJs.

1970s curtains, £15.00 from Make Do and Mend:

I was going to show a genuine Harris tweed ladies' coat I saw at Make Do and Mend but this pair of unused barkcloth curtains won over.  I'm kicking myself for not getting them now with the idea of turning them into a skirt and top or dress for the summer.  Darn it!!

1940s Mayfair fibreboard suitcase, £15.00 from TinTrunk:

Who can resist a great bit of Mayfair vintage luggage?  Not me!  It’s a great size and shape and will hold weekend away outfits and in-between that, my stash of fabrics or magazines.  It would make a nice little picnic case doubling up as a table.  You might have guessed I never use anything for its real purpose.  Thanks Sarah at TinTrunk, you've got a wonderful range of luggage.

Looking forward to next month and meeting up with everyone again.

It's always so interesting to see what our Finders come up with, and Lynn certainly hasn't disappointed!  It's a real insight into her distinctive taste; there's glamour and there's fun and there's a dash of practicality.  See you next month Lynn and Phil!