Finds of the Fair 13th July 2014

Hello! We're Kinky Melon's Retro Boutique, aka real-life couple Jon and Vix, vintage obsessives most of our adult lives.  Once a month we swap a wild Saturday night out for a quiet night in, set the alarm for the crack of dawn and drive up from the West Midlands 'cos we love being part of Stockport's Vintage Village so much. 

Most of the time we're on the road in our orange VW Campervan, Gilbert, searching for choice vintage stock and selling it at fairs, flea markets and festivals around the UK.  We live and breathe vintage and wouldn't have it any other way.

Vix blogs here, and our website (currently unstocked as we're on the road every weekend until the end of September) is here. You can also keep up to date with us on Facebook.

As Sixties originals ourselves (classic 1966 vintage) we were thrilled to be the Finders for July's Toggery Fair, celebrating Stockport's legendary 1960s menswear specialist.  We'd like to say that we wore our finest 1960s threads especially for the occasion, but its just how we always dress.  Our plan was to have a 1960s theme with our finds - choosing . . .

A Vintage Affair.
Vix - fruity print vinyl cool box, £9.00 from A Vintage Affair:

I saw our neighbours unpack this when we arrived and immediately wanted it be feature as one of my Finds.  It’s more 1950s than my plan of Sixties themed gear but it was such a lovely thing and I wanted to prove that its possible to pick up some real bargains at Stockport.  Needless to say it sold within minutes of the doors opening.

Big on Retro.
Vix - Danish kinetic wire-and-ball ornament, £44.00 from Big on Retro:

I hadn't seen one of these in years and neither had the seller.  She'd spent ages online researching its origins.  It wouldn't stand a chance in our house with cats but it would look amazing on the mantelpiece with all the rest of our retro madness.  Wouldn't it help take your mind off a boring office job if you had one of these bouncy beauties on your desk?

A-Line Jayne.
Vix - huge 1970s print curtain, £45.00 from A-Line Jayne:

I suggested Jayne keep this and make herself a maxi dress out of it.  The combination of colour and print was utterly fabulous.  That's what I do with groovy vintage curtains - I'm renowned for my curtain couture in the world of vintage blogs.

Shabby Cheek.
Vix - Art Deco-style casino chip badges, £3.50 from Shabby Cheek:

I can spend ages admiring the bizarre artefacts on this stall - a fellow collector of Victorian mourning jewellery, there's everything from taxidermy, burnt out dolls heads, wooden legs and glass eyes to a dried rat's corpse.  I'm kicking myself for not buying one of these badges - there's always next month.

Bluecat Jewellery.
Vix - Italian ceramic fish lamp, £25.00 from Bluecat Jewellery:

It’s 1960s, it’s orange, it’s kitsch and it’s useful and it’s been rewired & PAT tested so safe to use - what isn't there to like?

Charlie Cole.
Sexy scooters and sharp dressed Mods:

Okay, not technically a find but something that added to the excitement and authenticity of the fair.

Vintage Village offered free admission to anyone bringing along their scooters and there were some real beauties parked outside the Victorian market hall and their owners did them proud; the mods of the North West were certainly a sharply dressed bunch.  Charlie Cole popped over before his set at Seven Miles Out and looked the business in this Hardy Amies blazer off Kinky Melon's menswear rail (above) and Martin the Mod, the legendary Manchester DJ, called in for a visit.

[Editor's note: see more of their photos in our Facebook album].

Vix and Jon.
Vix and Jon of Kinky Melon's Retro Boutique, your gracious hosts of this Finds page.

Boomerang Vintage & Retro.
Jon - orange vinyl telephone table, £50.00 from Boomerang Vintage & Retro:

Our friends Steve and Lyndsey at Boomerang Vintage & Retro have similar taste to us so it’s no surprise that we always love their stock.  Unbeknown to the pair of us we both individually took a photo of this telephone table.  It would have been right at home in George and Mildred's house which, in our opinion, was the height of style when we were kids. 

Stuart Thornley Cake Design.
Jon - cake sandwiches, £2.50 from Stuart Thornley Cake Design:

V: That's not 1960s, its a sandwich.
J: They had sandwiches in the Sixties, didn't they?  I was hungry and curious.  Can you believe its not a real sandwich?
V: Fair point, it does taste amazing and another stamp on our cake loyalty card.
J: ... and it's not your usual mainstream vintage fair cupcake either.  Don't forget to mention that, just to prove how original Stockport is.

Jon - compact 1960s record player from Dabberdecades:

We've got one of these in burgundy but the red and white colour way is much more fun.  Mr Dabberdecades is a Northern Soul DJ and did a great job guesting on the decks creating a laid back vibe to the streets of Stockport.  We love that we get to hear different tunes at each Vintage Village - being a vintage lover doesn't mean that musical choice stops with Elvis.

Vix - ceramic Penguin, £100.00 from Snygg:

The good folk at Snygg have some incredibly groovy stock.  I was spoilt for choice with the range of chunky ceramic ornaments they had on offer today but plumped for this pleasingly rotund penguin by Bitossi.  I very nearly lost my heart to a 1960s psychedelic caftan but sadly it was made for a much larger model.

I knew this one was going to be good, and Vix and Jon certainly haven't disappointed!  A superb selection of desirable Finds to complement the 1960s theme of the fair.  Huge thanks to the Kinky Melon duo, and we look forward to seeing you next time!