Finds of the Fair 13th January 2019

Hello dears, Ally here. 

The eagle-eared Vintage Villager may have heard me ruining super soul sounds sets with some ill-timed (as ever) modal jazz as the shoddy half of the Dusty Sevens DJs, playing records/trying not to get blown away outside the Market Hall at assorted points throughout the year. 

Hopefully you're the sort who gushed "ooooh that's lovely who is it?" and not "can you turn the bloody racket down?  I can't hear myself blooming think"...

1960s beach shorts, £18.00 from Paul Crompton:

Gents!  No one likes a Speedo.  No one.  Well alright, there may be some misguided sorts who do but they'd be wrong.  As would the deluded knee lengthers.  Round here the only acceptable beach/pool apparel is the swimming short.  The more psychedelically patterned the better.  Or plain.  Here comes the summer...

Our Bird Book by Sidney Rogerson and Charles Tunnicliffe, £20.00 from Garrick Books:

More book wonders, this time featuring a huge selection of Tunnicliffes.  Everyone knows Mr Charles from Ladybird books, and it was tempting as anything to go with "What To See In Winter", but I'd never really come across much of his other work and I'm a sucker for a bullfinch.

1964 Gene Pitney "I'm Gonna Be Strong" 45, £1.00 from Raw Vanilla Books:

Oh Gene Pitney!  Dancefloor delights be damned, my Desert Island Discs could so easily be ALL Pitney.  Oh the torment... "our love is gone, there's no sense in holding on, and your pity now would be to much to bear".  You'll be in floods, petals.

John White Oxblood penny loafers, £65.00 from Village Vintage Clothing:

Gents!  Bin your pumps, kicks, sneakers, dabs or what in heaven's name you call them these days.  The only shoe for a soul spin, swirl or shuffle is a leather loafer.  Tasselled preferably, but a penny is just as super.  And just think how grand they'll look with your vintage beach shorts.

Gigantic thanks to Ally, who submitted a classic Finds back in March 2013 and has certainly come up with the goods again!

Ally has impeccable taste in vintage, as you can see, but music is probably top priority.  We can't wait to book Dusty Sevens DJs again for a future fair, but the weather might need to improve first!

Go and catch up with some brilliant playlists, and you can also follow Ally on Twitter and Instagram if you do the social media thing.

Observer's Book of Wild Flowers, £5.00 from Maureen:

Approaching this stall, all I can see is garden books.  All garden books.  So my frankly ill-thought out plan to look for the sort of things that don't immediately catch my eye is out of the window from the goddamn start. 

Maureen's stall flooded me with all the hopes of spring, hopes of the garden I adore this year being even slightly like the picture I have of it in my gin-addled noggin, but in the end I plumped for a guide for my further afield wanderings.

1960s hand puppets, £2.00 each from Mad Hatton's Vintage:

Just as my world was turning to warm breezes and tweety birds I looked straight into the cold eyes of terror (and Prince Charles leering behind them didn't help neither).  Bloody Nora, those are scary puppets.  Not if you're not scared of puppets obviously but then who the heck isn't?

1970s Stockport postcards, 50p each from St. Anne's Hospice (Heaton Moor branch):

Thank heavens for the calming powers of stationery and printed goods. 

Postcards are the most wonderful thing to pop through a letterbox - massive cheque notwithstanding - and these couldn't be more the perfect find if they tried.  Whilst the Mersey Way is almost unrecognisable, the parish church of St. Mary's and the market could still easily be a Sunday when the 3 Graces Northwest classic car club visit the Vintage Village.

Early 1950s silk/rayon blend California souvenir scarf, £35.00 from TinTrunk:

That summer feeling those garden books ignited just wouldn't fade, arctic blasts be damned.  So, even though I really did need something woollen and warming for these bitter weeks, California dreaming got the better of me again...

1961 framed LP cover "Provocative Percussion Vol. 3",  £15.00 or set of 3 for £40.00 from squound:

This dotty beauty is just the sort of thing I'd buy for the cover alone and the lovely squounders have even framed it.  Just look what you're missing Spotifyers.  There's so much more to records than just music.