Finds of the Fair 13th February 2011

Our finder for The Vintage Village Valentine's Special Fair is Andrew Roberts.

Andrew attended two-thirds of a fashion degree at Huddersfield University before deciding it wasn't quite right for him.  He's had an internship with a London designer, then worked in retail and then spent seven years as a brand manager for fashion/heritage brand Gola Classics.

He now works as a design protection consultant for a major Italian luxury fashion brand.

Andrew has a keen interest in fashion, photography (viewing rather than taking!), product design and architecture.  Other passions include sunglasses, shoes and bow ties, and Kid Robot vinyl toys!

We gave Andrew free rein to pick his choices, and here's what he came up with.  He's added personal comments about his choices too, which is a special bonus.  Please enjoy his picks!

Briefcase, £50, from Kitty Kavanagh.
"I'm not usually a traditional briefcase fan, but this was just handsome.  In mint condition it seemed that the original owner either was too afraid to get it dirty or just wanted to look at it.  If I had the money with me I'd have snapped it up and used it, but only on dry days!  As it's slightly bigger that was one of the main things that appealed to me."

Midwinter coffee cups and saucers, £12, from Emma and Jane.
"I collect a Midwinter pattern myself from the late 50s/early 60s so I do like to find other patterns that they have done.  Midwinter seemed to have used such a wide range of artists/designers (Sophie Conran did some work for them I believe).  On this I love the colouring and that although it's floral it's a masculine floral.  Even though it's 70s it would look perfectly current in homes today."

The Movie Magazine, £2, from Maria Theodorou
"Senta Berger on the cover.  The only thing I will say about this is I love the picture. The big hair, the boobs (sorry), the whole 'wild woman washed up on a beach look.'  Totally sexy look of that late 70s/early 80s era."

Norwegian ceramic penguin, £10 from The Side Room.
"I just love his face."

1960s tweed men's jacket, £45 from Village Vintage Clothing.
"I seem to be getting a little more into tweed.  Shame it wasn't my size.  This would look great with jeans, a nice shirt and knitwear.  I'd like the matching Land Rover, Hunters and gun dog to complete the 'country gent' look."

70s vase/glass, £5.50 from All Our Yesterdays.
"I like the gradient colouring on the very simple pattern and the colour of the glass.  It's just beautiful.  I think in a really simply coloured room (white) jewel bright items like this look just great."

"Wings of Love," £30, framed print from Emma and Jane.
"I'm a bit lost for words with this item.  It is so bad that it's good.  Although I would never actually buy it or hang it in my house it's one of those items that sums up the mass produced 'art' of the 70s.  I can imagine Alison Steadman sipping her G&T staring at it with the strains of 'Love to Love you Baby' in the background.  Pure Abigail's Party."
UPDATE!  Andrew has just confirmed that this print did actually appear in Abigail's Party, making it a bona fide kitsch classic!

1977 Wedgewood Tonatiuh plate from Daisy Garforth.
"It was the year I was born......pretty simple choice really. I do like the 70s take on Aztec patterns!"

Air Europe model plane (in that box!), £5, from Maria Theodorou
"This is a really personal item.  Our first family holiday was to Kos in about 1983, I was six.  It was my first time on a plane and the airline was Air Europe.  I probably mithered my parents for one of these.  I had the exact one.  This had never been built and I don't think it had really been out of the box . . . I was a bit scared to take it out."

1970s feather print dress, £15, from Rachel Crompton.
"Why have I picked a dress?  I was born the day after Studio 54 opened its doors in the heyday of the disco scene in New York.  I love the music and styling of that era and I would have loved to have been able to be part of that scene.  I suppose I was a bit late (and too young) for opening night.  I digress.  What is it about this?  Picture Bianca Jagger wearing it sat with Andy Warhol in the VIP room of 54 drinking and smoking. That's what it is about it......if that was the dress' back story, I'd have bought it and framed it.
As an extra note, I think it's perfectly current as there is a big resurgence for the 70s as Tom Ford showed in his return to womenswear for S/S '11."

1950s-60s set of dessert bowls 'Old Foley Oregon Pines,' £28 from TinTrunk.
"Shape, simplicity of pattern, colours in the set. Most of my dinner set is plain white, but I'd love to just have these at the end of a dinner - what a really nice way to have your dessert!!"