Finds of the Fair 13th April 2014

Rachel with her 1960s basket of dreams, £14.00 from Boomerang Vintage & Retro.

Kitsch Republic
1950s Swedish ceramic jar, £10.00 from Kitsch Republic:

This 1950s ceramic jar is a beautiful white and blue.  It says ‘Potato Flour’ in Swedish, but I think I’d just hide ordinary self-raising in it.

The fabulous June and Jennifer in their Easter bonnets.

JJ's Vintage
Vintage picnic hampers (all complete!), £50.00 to £100.00 from JJ’s Vintage Bygones and Picnic Hampers:

Jane’s collection of vintage hampers is lovingly, and painstakingly, stocked with vintage thermos flasks, cutlery, plates, salt and pepper shakers … and just about anything else you can think of that you might need for the perfect summer picnic.

Big on Retro
1960s West German porcelain jug, £10.00 from Big on Retro:

I do love a bit of colour!

The Crinoline Lady
Vintage photographs, 50p to £2.00 each from The Crinoline Lady:

I’m so fascinated by old photos and postcards, I like to imagine little stories for people in them.  I love how dapper this chap is!

Emma and Nico
Emma and Nico of Show Us Your Threads and Ophelia Button.

Kinky Melon
Tweed hats, £10.00, and bow ties, £4.00, from Kinky Melon’s Retro Boutique:

This stall had a lovely selection of tweedy hats and patterned bow ties for the smart gent.

Gem's Bits n Bobs
Set of four 1960s wine glasses, £8.00 from Gem’s Bits n Bobs:

Time for cocktails!

Abbi-Lynne's Vintage Emporium
Upcycled tins, £2.50 each from Abbi-Lynne’s Vintage Emporium:

Bright yellow roses in upcycled tins with vintage postage stamps.

Show Us Your Threads
Postcards from Show Us Your Threads.

Abbi-Lynne's Vintage Emporium
1960s plate and cutlery, £6.00 to £8.00 from Abbi-Lynne’s Vintage Emporium:

1960s patterned plate and cutlery to make every day that bit prettier.

I found an egg!

Hi!  I’m Rachel.  I’m a Manchester girl, in love with shiny things, tea and my cat … oh, and I also make jewellery.

I hope you enjoy my Finds, I had fun finding them.

Boomerang Vintage & Retro
1980s milk bottles, £5.00 each from Boomerang Vintage & Retro:

These vintage milk bottles are so colourful.

Kinky Melon's Retro Boutique
1950s taffeta print evening gown, £50.00 from Kinky Melon’s Retro Boutique:

I adored the pretty pattern on this 1950s dress.

It's Sew Lisa
Late 1950s transistor radio, £20.00 from It’s Sew Lisa:

Sometimes I see objects that are so beautiful, even though they have function.  I often spot old cameras, but this late 1950s radio is a perfect example.  I can imagine sitting in the dining room with a paper listing to the shows.

Gumdrops Vintage
1960s German porcelain eggcup set in box, £10.00 from Goody Gum Drops:

Dippy eggs for breakfast!

Kinky Melon
The fabulous Jon and Vix of Kinky Melon’s Retro Boutique brought the sunshine to Stockport.

Stuart Thornley
Cake Scotch eggs, £2.50 from Stuart Thornley Cake Design:

Stuart’s cakes are must have for me when I visit The Vintage Village Fair.  I can personally vouch for the hot cross bun cakes (£1.50) and of course the sweet Scotch Eggs!  Amazing creations!

Shady Lane Vintage
1960s bangles, £10.00 for a set from Shady Lane Vintage:

The colours of these 1960s bangles are so much fun.  These came all the way from Texas.

1930s glass jug, £8.00 from Allsortz:

A beautiful hand painted jug for water the table, or flowers for a sunny window.

Lord of the Pies
Handmade gourmet British pies, £3.00 to £3.50 from Lord of the Pies:

The prettiest pies around.

Bluecat Jewellery
1950s wire brooch, £8.00 from Bluecat Jewellery:

This 1950s brooch is so intricate, I love how it reflects in the glass of the mirror.

Penelope Cat Vintage
Badges, £1.00 to £1.50 from Penelope Cat Vintage:

Proclaim your love of cake with this sweet button badge.  Illustration taken from vintage Ladybird books.

How cute are Lyndsey and Steve of Boomerang Vintage & Retro!

1960s floral drinking glasses, £4.00 the set from Boomerang Vintage & Retro:

Vintage 1960s glasses that are now mine.  A bargain!

Our hearty thanks to Rachel for presenting such a delightful and affordable selection of goodies - most of them £10.00 or under!

Rachel makes vintage inspired jewellery under the name Magpie's Daughter and we recommend that you visit her website, check her blog, and why not look her up on Twitter and Facebook too?