Finds of the Fair 12th October 2014

Essentially Eagle Vintage
1970s children's washable wallpaper, £20.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:

A Find that Gail, the proprietor, came across in a jumble sale in such excellent condition.  I tend to go for stalls that are vibrant and quirky with an eclectic mix of wares, and Essentially Eagle Vintage certainly fits the bill.  I first met Gail when I was invited to do the Finds of the Fair for the first time back in January, and I ended up buying a pair of Disney Mickey and Minnie thimbles that had belonged to her daughter.  They now take pride of place in my vintage Disney collection.

Mouse & Button's Fancies
Handmade 1970s style dolls’ house furniture (seen at the back left), from Mouse and Button’s Fancies:
A new line from Mouse and Button's Fancies, these suites are based on the 1970s Barton original design of 16th scale dolls house furniture.  Nico and I used to work at Habitat together so we share a love of interiors, the 70s design aesthetic, and all things miniature.  These are such beautiful creations that anyone would like to own.

USSR TEKT ceramic plaques, £22.00 from RetroFunky:

Russian pottery in mint condition, in such vibrant colours! I also treated myself to a beautiful turquoise record player with legs.

1950s Holt Howard style ceramic cat string holder, £?? from TinTrunk:

Another find that I have a collection of.  I'm fondly reminded of a smaller version that was kept in my mum’s sewing box (a tin of Fry’s Chocolate Creams - I still remember how disappointed I was when the tin didn't contain my favourite chocolate bar, but happy when I saw the ceramic cat’s beaming face looking back at me).

1970s Avon Alsatian perfume bottle, £16.00 from Populuxe:

I have a collection of vintage Avon perfume bottles: two pierrot clowns, a Scottie dog and a blue cat.  They remind me of my grandma, who was an Avon lady.  I remember going round to her house and looking at all the lotions and potions she kept in her kitchen cabinet.  My collection is like having a part of her with me.

What a delightfully colourful and fun selection, thank you Gem!

And here's a special bonus picture, Gem's gorgeous record player on legs from RetroFunky!


My name is Gemma Kate Burgess.  I've worked in the creative retail industry for sixteen years and I'm currently a freelance stylist/prop designer and manager of a vintage charity shop.  I've attended The Vintage Village since it started and watched it grow in popularity and made lots of friends along the way.  I'm very proud to be a part of The Vintage Village myself since February of this year - trading as Gem's Bits n Bobs - offering a diverse collection of my own thrifty finds.

You can find me on Twitter as @gemsbitsnbobs and on Instagram @gemsbitsnbobs and if you'd like to follow the shop @vintagecheadle.

1950s 'spaghetti pottery’ poodle lighter, £12.00 from suzylovesmilo:

You can imagine this lighter adorning an affluent lady’s dressing table, lighting up a cigarette in her sheer pink dressing gown and fluffy kitten-heeled slippers.

Lace & Liquor Vintage
Wide-eyed children pictures, £5.00 - £7.00 from Lace and Liquor Vintage:

I have a large collection of wide-eyed children paintings, which terrify all my friends and family.  Strangely, I'm comforted by their eyes following me round a room!  I became fascinated by this style of pictures as they remind me of one of my favourite childhood reads: Roald Dahl's The Witches, in which children were trapped in painted scenes and they aged and disappeared before their parents’ eyes.

All Our Yesterdays
Knitted poodle bottle covers, in the All Our Yesterdays fantastic £2.00 sale:

I spied these knitted poodle bottle covers I thought the neon green one was particularly fetching.  Wayne of All Our Yesterdays and I always talk about our shared love of vintage Disney and all things kitsch.

The Side Room
1970s clown fabric, £6.00 from The Side Room:

Some people are absolutely terrified by clowns, whereas I adore them and I think this fabric is delightful.  Whilst talking to Anne about the fabric I discovered out the reason behind her business name: many people have asked Anne over the years “where do you keep all the stock you have?”  Anne simply replies “in the side room”.

Stuart Thornley
Cake scotch egg from Stuart Thornley Cake Design:

Stuart told me this wondrous cake was invented over three years ago whilst playing around making a creme egg cake pop for Easter.  I always like to reward myself with a treat from Stuart to enjoy with a cuppa after the Vintage Village, and look forward to it every month.