Finds of the Fair 12th November 2017

Hi, I’m Phoebe, a teen vintage lover. I’ve helped out at stalls in the past at the Vintage Village, the Vintage Emporium at Pear Mill, and The Vintage Home Show at Victoria Baths in Manchester, and have a passion for all things vintage, especially clothes.  I also dabble in gig photography, but I’m always looking for new photographic opportunities, if anyone wants some free work let me know.

Anyway, enough about me, this month the theme of the fair was Unknown Treasures.  What a coincidence, indie music and a gig photographer - it’s a match made in heaven.  So this month we’re taking the theme of the fair very seriously, as I try, with marginal success, to link every find with a top tune. Let’s begin…

Lodger by David Bowie album, £18.00 from Check Records:

Now, how could I not add something Bowie related to this list?  This album, Lodger, has such striking artwork by English pop artist Derek Boshier, it immediately caught my eye.  With classics such as ‘Boys Keep Swinging’ and ‘DJ’, there’s only one thing left to say, let’s dance.

Frenzy poster, £30.00 from The Modernist:

Time after time, The Modernist has the coolest items for sale, and this month was no exception.  This original 1972 Hitchcock poster had me wishing I had more wall space.  I love the visuals of this Hitchcock poster, it’s so stylish and classy even 45 years on from its release.

Ski jumper £10.00 from Joe Buck Vintage:
This vintage Ralph Lauren jumper was such a bargain at £10.00, and is absolutely perfect for days spent shopping at the Christmas markets in Manchester.  The Vintage Village newbies at Joe Buck Vintage had so many funky items, and all straight from the USA - got me California dreamin.

Joy Division cigarette holder £10.00 from Mike’s Rare Images:

Now if you can’t get this song quote what have you been doing all this time?  What an unknown pleasure this is.  This totally individual cigarette holder is perfect for a true Mancunian.  Individually made by Mike this was such a beautiful item.  It’s just a shame I don’t smoke, otherwise this would’ve been perfect.

Flower brooch, £15.00 from Tabitha’s Nice Things:

All the jewellery on Tabitha’s stall looks totally gorgeous, but this brooch in particular caught my eye. It’s such a striking yet simplistic design by Jo Speight, and would suit practically any fashion.

Our fervent thanks to Phoebe for sharing her Teenage Kicks around the Happy House that is the Vintage Village!  Our Public Image is based on presenting genuine vintage goods, but the odd new item may sneak in now and again.  We're very grateful to Phoebe for helping show that Stockport is anything but a Ghost Town!

You can find Phoebe on Instagram and Twitter.

Chinese silk brocade blouse,  £20.00 from Vive La Vintage:

I just can’t get enough of this gorgeous oriental top.  This would look so gorgeous with some baggy trousers or a little skirt - perfect Christmas come New Year’s party outfit.

1960s lamp, £38.00 from New Patina:

This 60s lamp was so autumnal I couldn’t resist.  With an original shade, the lamp has a West German kind of design, but was made in St Ives, England - it’s the best of both worlds.  We’ve got so many lamps at home, you could say there is a light that never goes out, but they’re mostly Harvey Guzzini, so maybe this could be the start of a new collection…

Babycham mats, £1.00 each from Emily Rose Vintage:

No vintage party is complete without some Babycham and these mats have such lovely designs on, they’re bound to make any party special.  I especially love the horoscope ones on the left - those girls are so 70s it’s ridiculous.  I mean, why can’t I have that hair?  They’re just perfect for those 24 hour party people.

1960s film magazines, £1.00 each from We Used To Have One Of Those:
These magazines of girls on film are such an easy and cheap way to start a little vintage collection, not to mention a perfect way of finding some original 60s style inspiration.

Reworked jacket, £20.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:

This jacket was so funky.  Patches and badges are such a good way to rework and add detail to an item, especially with a Libertines patch and a We Are Scientist’s badge.  This jacket would turn anyone into the next this charming man.

Drahla vinyl, £5.00 from Eye Wood Vintage:

This could be simply the best find of the day.  How is this vintage I hear some of you saying?  Well, I’m aware this isn’t, technically, but bear with me here.  After seeing Drahla the other month at The Deaf Institute in Manchester, this was the least likely thing I was thinking of seeing at a vintage fair, but that’s the Vintage Village for you.  This band are so fresh and funky, well worth a listen.  It’s fair to say this went straight on the Crosley when I got back. 

The shop, Eye Wood, situated in Wakefield, is a non-profit organisation run to facilitate art support for local musicians and bands by selling vintage clothing and vinyl.  So if you’re ever near Wakefield, you know what to do.