Finds of the Fair 12th May 2019

Hello I'm Catherine Louise.  The Vintage Village Fair has been one of my favourite events for about six years now.  I think it has a lovely atmosphere and the traders and visitors are always very friendly, so I feel as though it is a social event not just a market.

There is such a wide variety of vintage goods from various time periods and lots of people are dressed so smartly in their own favourite styles.  I often feel as though I am time-travelling.

Narrowing down my choices to 15 items has proved to be very difficult, but, looking at them now, I've realised that I've sort of accidentally time-travelled with my choices.

So here it goes, these are some of the delights that caught my eye this month ...

Belville Sassoon/Lorcan Mullany cocktail dress, £20.00 from Garbo Antiques:

This dress made me think of spring, and with the beads, sequins and feathers looked inspired by the 1920s - one of my favourite
eras.  It sparkled in the sunshine.

1920s-30s Columbia 202 portable gramophone, £50.00 from James Wilson:

This was a lovely old gramophone, loud enough for any modern household (I heard it working).  Mr Wilson was very knowledgeable about its use and even had spare styluses.  Ideal for providing music at your summer picnic.

1953 bridal head dress, £18.00 from Reloved:

This headdress made me think of spring, with its white silk blossom and pearls. I thought it looked so delicate and lovely.

T.G. Green Cornishware pudding basin, £10.00 from Em's Bygones:

My mother had some Cornishware.  When I was growing up it made me think of the seaside, and I remember being surprised to learn that it was originally made in my home county of Derbyshire.  Sadly it is no longer made there, though it has recently had a revival.  So these pre-revival pieces were lovely to see.  Also being a pudding bowl reminded me of my Christmas pudding making - I love the spicy Christmas aromas.

1950s-60s poppies and cornflowers glass vase, £9.00 from Allsortz:

There were so many things to choose from on this stall - including  pieces that turned out to be Wedgwood and Crown Devon -
but I ended up choosing this vase because I love poppies and cornflowers and it was so pretty.

Chinese silk scarf, £10.00 from The Side Room:

Still in its original packet, this scarf had a print of different kinds of carriages.  The colours were lovely and the horses were very elegant gallopers.

Kirk's Folly turtle brooch, £28.00 from Judy's Hidden Treasures:

Judy had several Kirk's Folly brooches that were all very whimsical.  I decided on this one because I thought a magical flower turtle was so unusual and it even had its own dragonfly.  I love dragonflies.

What an intriguing selection, Catherine Louise!  Thank you for sharing your highlights of the Vintage Village May Fair, it's been an unpredictable and delightful journey.

If you would like to be our Finder of the Fair, please get in touch.  It's a fun mission and we love seeing all your Finds!

1920s Kodak No.1 Autographic Jr. camera, £30.00 from We Used To Have One Of Those:

This camera looked in lovely condition considering it must be from around the early 1920s, and it still had its stylus so you could lift the flap at the back to write the details on a little bit of film that was visible.  I could have done with that myself today!

Flying balloon machine toy on a spring, £7.00 from All Our Yesterdays:

Having an interest in early fight, this appealed to my imagination.  Also the little aviator figure reminded me a little of Alberto Santos-Dumont - his airship looked quite different, though perhaps not much more secure!

Victorian amber and silver cheroot holder with case, £35.00 from Kim Draper:

A very pretty amber and silver holder, in lovely condition, presumably from the late 1800s/early 1900s.  A piece that would look very elegant whether is was being used or on display.  The amber looked lovely in the sunlight and the silver had an engraved pattern, not plain like some holders that I've seen.  Useful that it still had its protective case too.

Lightfoot at Lansdowne by Terry Lightfoot's Jazzmen (1963), £1.50 from Check Records:

One of my favourite styles of music is jazz.  This album is from a much later time period than I usually listen to, but his covers of classics are very interesting and enjoyable.  Mr Lightfoot had a really good band.

1950s Belling electric bed warmer, £10.00 from Make Do and Mend:

Belling is one of my favourite old companies, although I know them for their stoves not their bed warmers.  This one was in very good condition with its original box, perfect for the varied spring weather we have been having.

Oil painting of the Place du Tertre, Paris, by George Haun, £25.00 from The Modernist:

This painting caught my eye because of the colours, the season - it looks like autumn, which is my favourite season - and the location as I have been there and even visited La Mere Catherine (which you can just seen on the left).  I've never seen the square this empty though, even when it was dark.

1930s leather vanity case with guilloché enamel topped jars, £75.00 from TinTrunk:

This was another very pretty item from back when travel cases were artistic works in themselves and not just plain and plastic.  Such lovely enamelwork, definitely a beautiful addition to any dressing table.

1950s-70s Agatha Christies paperbacks, £3.50-£5.00 from Room at the Top:

So many possibilities here.  It was so hard to choose.  I decided on these vintage Agatha Christie books because I have loved her stories and her world from the moment I first read them back when I was at school.  In the 1970s-80s everyone around me was reading and listening to modern things and I was in the corner reading Miss Christie and listening to 1920s-30s jazz.  I always look to see what vintage books are here amongst all the other delights.