Finds of the Fair 12th March 2017

Handmade Miffy, £3.50 from Jodi Jo Retro:

HOW CUTE IS CRYING MIFFY!?  Growing up Miffy was one of the most beloved characters in our house.  Bruna’s illustrations are so simple yet so lovely and the way in which Jodi Jo has captured this essence in her work is gorgeous.

Art Deco style Earrings, £20.00 from Jean Blakeley:

I love Art Deco and I love the colours in this pair of earrings.  I always wear dangly earrings and these would be great in my collection, they could be dressed up or down and would make any outfit a statement due to their classic design.

1950s Digby Morton houndstooth tweed suit, £120.00 from Mary Jones Vintage:

This is everything.  So many of my favourite things rolled into one amazing piece of 1950s clothing.  It’s houndstooth, it’s a pencil skirt, and it’s a cropped jacket with a cute side pocket and adorable buttons.  This is literally everything I love and naturally I had to try it on!

1950s Damascene style ship brooch, £3.00 from Emily Rose Vintage:

This lovely little ship is now forever sailing on my beret, as I couldn’t leave it behind.  I was drawn to this display due to the unusual and interesting way that the traders had chosen to present their pins.  I think the use of the playing cards in this way is really unique.  I chose the ship over the rest because of its detail.  The monster that heads the helm and the rich colours in the sails made something so small a real stand out.

1960s-70s sheepskin coats, on the left £32.00 on the right £40.00, from The Side Room:

Who doesn’t love a good sheepskin coat?  It’s an absolute classic.  Both of these were in excellent condition and if I hadn’t have recently got my hands on one I would have been tempted.  It was the colours of both of these that drew my attention and they looked great together.

Thank you, Saffron, for presenting such an enticing array of delights!  I need to start saving up for that Digby Morton suit (if it hasn't been snapped up already!)

If you would like to have a go at being our Finder of the Fair, just get in touch right here.

Hi, my name’s Saffron Rain and I’m particularly in love with all things sixties and seventies.  This is true for most things really from clothes and personal style to interior design to architecture, films and literature. 

Vintage is more of a hobby of mine and I love writing so this was the perfect task for me.  I’m currently studying in Sheffield for my MA in English Literature with a particular interest in sixties British film and the North. 

I hope you enjoy my finds as much as I enjoyed finding them!

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1920s dragonfly lizard-skin handbag, £150.00 from Mary Jones Vintage:

Let’s all just take a minute to appreciate just how gorgeous this bag is.  Dragonflies are one of my favourite insects.  They’re just so elegant and incidentally look absolutely perfect on a lizard skin 1920s clutch style bag.  This is the kind of find where leaving it behind makes you want to cry, but I had to.  Alas I will have to just continue constructing outfits in my head based solely around this item until the day it is rightfully mine.

1980s Mark One navy military style jacket, £15.00 from Valentine’s Curious Closet:

Okay, so this jacket is pretty big, which is probably why I liked it.  I like things that are oversized.  I also like the way it is kind of a military jacket but also kind of not at the same time.  The unusual shape, the lapels and the buttons were all winning qualities for me.

1970s Hornsea Saffron set, £5.00 - £18.00 from Allsortz:

My obsession with this pattern is long standing and today I found out something about it that may explain why.  Say hello to the SAFFRON set!  Yes, I share my name with some awesome seventies home-ware that I regularly dream about but do not own yet.  There’s something really aesthetically pleasing about the brown/orange combination that I can’t quite explain and the flower pattern is basically the original Orla Kiely.  There’s a tonne of this knocking around nowadays which is good for me as I intend to start buying soon.

Chinese painted parasol, £12.00 from Bernie’s Vintage:

So this is pretty cool.  If I were going to rock a parasol, this would be the one I chose.  It has dragons on it, which is basically why I picked it.  It’s something cute mixed with something formidable, juxtaposition at its best.

1920s-30s silk chiffon and diamanté jacket, £68.00 from Miss Retro:

I don’t normally like too much sparkle but the way this jacket falls was what drew me to it.  I like the way the detailing makes it look almost like water; it shimmers and falls.  It was also in impeccable condition and the trader had come across it from a lady in her eighties.  The French seams meaning no raw edges just add to the perfect delicateness of the garment.

Scooters, not for sale:

Okay, so technically you cannot buy these, but you can’t talk about the Mod March Fair without mentioning the scooters.  They are amazing.  I love the way they are all so unique and reflect the different personalities and interests of their owners.  As a spectacle they are great and watching them all arrive and leave en masse is quite breath taking.  Not to be missed.