Finds of the Fair 12th June 2016

Your Finder of the Fair this month is Emma!

Kitten knitting pattern folder, £10.00 from what was Rainbow Drops Vintage, soon to be a new crafting venture Waggybum:

This doesn’t need any words because CATS!  But, if I have to: I love cats and anything cat related, this is adorable and if I’d not been under my own strict instructions to not purchase anything (having spent up on the Saturday elsewhere), I would’ve snapped this up.  I don’t know how to knit but you could keep anything in this folder.  As I am typing this up I have major regret leaving it behind…

Majolica cabbage tureen and ladle, £25.00 from Attic Curios:
WOAH.  This is my crazy find of the fair.  A full blown cabbage treat!  The stall holder said this was definitely one of those love/hate items.  I’m not sure if I’m in either of those camps, I just found it hilarious because it is so committed to the cabbage theme.  It would look brilliantly kitsch as the centrepiece on a large kitchen table.

1960s-70s curtain, £15.00 from Top Notch:
This is a super long single curtain, in a delicious psychedelic pattern of blues and greens. The stall holder said she has actually kept the other curtain for herself as there is so much fabric in just one curtain to use for other projects.  As the pair they would’ve looked amazing in a house with a tall ceiling, but I wouldn’t say no to some cushion covers or a dress made from this fabric.

1970s Old English sheep dog breakfast tray, £18.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:

I always want something from Gail’s stall.  I’d already picked the poodle book ends for find of the fair, but walking away I spotted this tray under the table.  This might be the Dulux dog but it actually made me think of the late 1980s BBC children’s cartoon ‘Barney’ (pre-dating that purple bloody dinosaur!)  We had the VHS, and I have fond memories of watching it with my sister.

Mr. Therm bin, £28.00 from All Our Yesterdays:
I am already familiar with Mr. Therm’s happy little face, so this had to be a find of the fair!  I’ve seen him before through my work in museum collections - he was on the back cover of a booklet produced in 1955 by the British Gas Council – ‘Jam Making & Fruit Bottling’ (in the collection of Stockport Museums).  Mr. Therm was designed by the British illustrator Eric Fraser for the Gas Light and Coke Company in 1931, and was used as a mascot on booklets and advertisements for the British gas industry for over 30 years. I like how he is centre stage on this wastepaper bin, plus the colours are brill.

Grapes lampshade and glass base, £35.00 shade, £65.00 base from Snygg:

On Sunday, Snygg at 20th Century Stores had sold nearly all of the lampshades they had made to last them for a few events!  I loved this bonkers grapes pattern lampshade as I’ve never seen fabric like that before!  You’ve got to be quick to get Snygg goodies.

Well, wasn't that lots of fun?  Our hearty thanks to Emma for sharing such a charming and colourful selection!  To be honest, I was expecting an entirely feline Finds of the Fair - which would have been fine, actually! - so well done for broadening the scope a bit!

Hi, I am Emma, I absolutely love cats, art deco design, and basically anything from the 1920s – 1970s.  I currently work freelance doing projects with museums and their collections, so I get to see some outstanding objects in my job too.

I was chuffed but also a bit nervous about being asked by Sarah to be the Finder of the Fair this month, as I usually like to glide around anonymously (despite shrieking loudly sometimes... ok most of the time at the cute or amazing wares on offer).  I always Tweet and Instagram my buys and the interesting things I’ve seen at Vintage Village and at other vintage shops and charity shops, so I accepted. Thanks for having me as FOTF this month!

Instagram @hemmyroo and Twitter @emma_museums.

Modernist Jesus plaque, £15.00 from Boomerang Vintage & Retro:

So hard to narrow it down on the lovely Boomerang stall as they always have brilliant stock!  I’m not really into religious paraphernalia myself but I chose this because a) the plaque looked so aesthetically pleasing against the blue patterned formica table top and b) when have you ever seen Jesus looking so jazzy?!

Rupert the Bear hand puppet, £3.00 from Mad Hatton’s Vintage:
I spotted Rupert’s head sticking out of a box across the way and knew he would be a find of the fair.  Ran over to him to have a closer look and he was actually an adorable hand puppet!  This was purchased by my friend so I will get to see him again in the future.

Hitchcock Lobby Cards, £10.00 from Modernist Mid-Century:
It is always a treat to look through the posters on this stall.  Here are a set of four cinema lobby cards for the 1955 Hitchcock film To Catch a Thief, which apparently came from a cinema in Germany.  These were propped up behind a small box of records, and caught my eye.  Grace Kelly and Cary Grant just look so stylish, and with that awesome typography on the label, I had to purchase these for myself!  Hitchcock films also have a personal link to me as my mum and dad ensured my sister and I watched all the Hitchcock classics when we were young! I can’t wait to show these to them.

Lehmann Brothers seal friction toy, £25.00 from Value Vintage (Mari):
This sweet little tin toy stood out to me from the array of items on Mari’s stall.  It is a 1950s tin friction toy, made by the Lehmann Brothers in West Germany.  The condition was so good – possibly not played with much, as the maker’s mark and production info can still be seen on the underside.  I just love the colours and her expressive eyes!

Trio of seahorse glasses, £10.00 from Aspidistra Vintage:

I tore myself away from the gorgeous bags that Aspidistra Vintage has (I bought a beautiful bag from her last time).  These glasses would look great on display in a cocktail cabinet.  If I had more room I would’ve been tempted by these...  Imagine under the sea theme cocktails you can sup straight from the seahorse’s mouth (I had to get a terrible joke in here somewhere).

1950s/60s ceramic cat money box, £10.00 from TinTrunk:

In 20th Century Stores, I squealed when I saw the happy pink smile and those bulging eyes peeping at me from the cabinet at TinTrunk.  They belong to a splendid 1950s/60s ceramic kitty, possibly Italian.  MINE.  Plus it is a money box so I just had to buy him as I need help to save my pennies for next month…