Finds of the Fair 12th June 2011

Toni, aka Lady, Behave!, was once one of our regular stall-holders.  She's now sadly taking a hiatus from selling, but is very happy at being able to get her sticky mitts on all the bargains instead of being tethered to that stall!  She's in the process of setting up an online children's shop, to be launched in Autumn, so is concentrating all her attention on that for the time being. When not selling embroidered bird pictures and feathery hats (or plotting world domination), she tends to the Tyrannical will of her son, Arlo.

Her story:
Imagine Manchester in the mid 1990s... then add a skint fifteen year old girl who's fallen simultaneously in love with both a) The Ritz and b) dirty Rock music.  All the cool kids sporting the un-official rocker uniform of army boots, parkas, band tees, tea-dresses and flares strike envy in her fickle teenage heart.  Yet her purse yields little but silver shrapnel and her parental hearts are similarly flinty and cold.  And so a tip-off leads her up through the grubby delights of Oxford Road to a small second-hand shop.  It's the first she's ever encountered and she's a tad perturbed by the concept of wearing another girl's cast-offs but she perserveres and then, within it's crammed clothes rail forested confines, a 1980s black velvet body-con frock (added to a pair of fish-nets and the obligatory Docs) turns this frumpy child into a Courtney Love-alike (except with mouse-brown hair and somewhat shorter in stature).  All for £3.50.
And so a love-affair with second-hand stuff began...

1950s shell doll, £5, Tufty Vintage.
"Another VV newbie and a fantastically styled stall with a great range of well-priced bits.  I adored this kitschy Marie Antoinette style doll and her twin, but didn't dare the risk the wrath of the OH by bringing them home with me!"

...And All Things Nice brown sugar and spice body polish,
£25 extra large pot and £4.95 travel size, from Bathing Beauty.
:I'd imagine that a pot of this would last for yonks and be incredibly spoiling.  Apparently it's "a gentler body scrub and much better than puppy dogs tails."  I think it would make a good Fathers' Day present!  I'm in love with basically ALL the Bathing Beauty range (and George, the lady behind BB, is a real sweetheart too)."

Ordnance Survey water board maps, £25 each, Retrocedric.
"I've been DYING to see this stall since hearing they were joining VV... and they didn't disappoint.  Some AMAZING pieces of furniture and other assorted nic-naks.  I could've easily spent all my pocket money for a year on just this one stall.  Loving the addition of vintage furniture to the VV roster! Again, would make an ace gift for that hard-to-buy-for Dad."

Children's aprons, £2.50 each from All Our Yesterdays.
"These super-bright aprons caught my eye and super-bargain price too! More ornamental than useful I suspect, but still v pretty."

Men's vanity cases.  Brown leather £28 and black leather £20, from So Retro Vintage.
"Another great Dad's Day present.  Functional, yet fancy.  I'd imagine a dapper Dad would be v impressed to get this instead of his usual sock selection pack."

Upcycled necklace made from bicycle tyre inner tubes, £15 Punctured Romance.
"I LOVED these.  If I had any pennies, I'd have bought one and worn it on the spot.  Some beautiful colour-ways and very well constructed (spot the bicycle charm on the end of the chain?)"

Brown leather vanity case, £7 Rachel's Boutique.
"My goodness, have I got Browsers Regret or what?!  I didn't buy this well-made little number and really wish I had done now.  I've got a bit of a thing for luggage and this would have been a v happy addition to my collection (also worth a gander - Rachel's great handmade cards and hair slides)."

Oil paintings, £15 each Retro UK.
"These paintings catch my eye every month.  This stall often has great art at v reasonable prices, well worth investing in!"

Selection of frocks - all from CHESQ.  L to R: 1920s teal and gold frock £100; 1940s lemon ballgown £55; 1950s green cocktail gown £80.
"This newcomer to VV has some of the best frocks I've seen in a long while. I'd even dare to say some were even museum quality!"

Wooden filing cabinet, £5,  Bill Longshaw.
"I'm a total bibliophile and would rather spend time in a library than anywhere else so have been amassing a small collection of these index cabinets for years.  Needless to say, I bought this one."

Miniature steam engine, £40, from Simmy.
"The rapid approach of Fathers' Day next Sunday appeared to be weighing on my mind today ... another Dad-friendly Find!"

Sixties Scandinavian fabric handmade pony, £6 from Skini-Bears - Samantha Leonard.
"Loved these retro styled ponies!"

Pork Souvlaki, £4.50 from Zip's Grill.
"Highly recommended by stall-holder Rachel Law of Rachel's Boutique (who was even taking one home for her boyfriend, they are THAT good)."

Pick-Your-Own tea set, £15 from Parrot in the Pantry.
"Ace idea!  You get to pick two trios (cup/saucer/tea plate), one milk jug, one sugar bowl and one sandwich plate - all for the SERIOUSLY bargain price of £15!!  You can add more trios for £3.50 each or a cake stand for £8."

1930s chorus girl gold sequinned stage costume, £135 TinTrunk.
"There's something very Mrs Haversham about this gently decaying stage costume that I really love.  Although it's incredibly delicate and more of a display piece, this little belter would be being bought off in installments (if I were a size 6) and then thrown nonchalantly over a pair of faded wide leg jeans with a pair of ballet pumps."

Altair Design colouring book, £2 All Our Yesterdays.
"My other half bought this mathematical pattern book to add to his library of design reference books.  There were a few others for sale, if anyone else wants to do a bit of colouring in too!"

Selection of pre-war clothing labels, two for 50p All Our Yesterdays.