Finds of the Fair 12th February 2017

Hi, I’m Alex, this month’s Finder of the Fair.  I’ve been coming to the Vintage Village for a few years now, and much more frequently over the last 12 months as I’ve bought a lovely, run-down period house that required gutting, decorating and furnishing.

Over the past year I’ve spent many MANY hours at vintage shops, car boot sales and charity shops looking for items for the house.  During this time I really developed a love of all things vintage, kitsch and retro.  So much so that I am now selling the items that haven’t found a place in my home via my Etsy store One Mans Trash.  You can follow me on Instagram too via @onemanstrash_vintage.  If you see something you like you can use the discount code TRASH10 on checkout for 10% off until the end of February.

Anyway, on with the finds…

Green wall clock, £45.00 from Funky Koval Design:

This was a fabulous array of clocks by Funky Koval Design. These guys really know how to put on a display and their stall wasn’t short of admirers. 

These are the first of several clocks I had to resist, maybe because I’m looking to fill wall space at home?  The one that I really liked was the green number on the top right.  It was £45.00 and if I hadn’t purposefully only carried about £20.00 in cash it could have been on my kitchen wall right now.

1980s Charles and Diana wedding commemorative bamboo banner, £1.00 from BRG Collectables:

For only £1.00 who can blame me for buying this?  Check out my glorious Charles and Diana commemorative banner from BRG Collectables.  I’m a sucker for royal paraphernalia, especially anything Lady Di.  As my friend said, ‘it’s like those calendars you get free with your Chinese Take Away around New Year’s.’  She was right.  It is.  I’ve never seen one like it before and it will soon be hanging in my dining room.

1990s Reebok tracksuit top, £5.00 from Mad Hatton’s Vintage:

Mad Hatton’s Vintage have a really eclectic selection of vintage on offer: clothing, furniture, kitchenalia, knick-knacks, vinyl and more.  

My resolve not to buy too much disappeared when I spotted their £5.00 clothing rail.  It was the 90s Reebok at the front of the rail that stopped me in my tracks and had me reaching for the wallet. Yes, I bought this one too.

I can’t wait for a chance to wear it.

Blackpool donkey picture, £4.00 from We Used To Have One Of Those:

As a big Blackpool fan it was the Blackpool donkey portrait that drew my attention.  At only £4.00 I wish now I bought it.  Again, maybe I’ll get lucky next month?

Caramac Blondie, £1.50 from Stuart Thornley Cake Design:

By now I was hungry.  My friend who came with me is always preaching to me about the many virtues of Stuart Thornley Cake Design, and I didn’t need much persuasion.  My dog Cher was also very interested.

I took home the Caramac Blondie for £1.50.  It’s safe to say I’m now a convert.  I’m thinking Giant Ferrero Rocher next month!!!  Yum!

1960s blue suitcases, £30.00 for the smaller one from Em’s Bygones:

Em’s Bygones is a treasure trove of vintage furniture, lighting and homeware.

There were so many things of Em’s that I could have featured but it was the striking colour of these Manchester made 1960s Sinclair Owen suitcases that came out on top.  The condition for their age was astounding, and what an amazing colour.  The label tantalising teases ‘a beautiful blue lining.’ Only £30.00, fab.  But definitely don’t trust them to an airport conveyor belt!  These beauties are for display only.    

And then I left.  With a pocket full of Happy Meal toys.  I’ll be back next month for sure.

1960s cat and mouse novelty brandy glass, £12.00 from A Vintage Affair:

This gorgeous Cat and Mouse Brandy Glass caught my eye.  It’s very unusual to see the glass still with both Cat and Mouse.  I had to resist my urge to buy as my glass cabinets are now bursting – in part due to the many other items I’ve bought from A Vintage Affair on previous visits.  They always have such beautiful glassware!

I did get given a free Valentine chocolate though.

1970s fibre optic clock/lamp, £28.00 from Make Do and Mend:

This FABULOUS 1970s fibre optic lamp/clock was from trader Bryn Jones of Make Do and Mend.  The tag says £28.00 and it was worth every penny.

Of all the items I left on the shelf, this was the hardest to walk away from.  I usually can’t resist kitsch as amazing as this.  Not only do the fibre optic flowers light up but they spin around too. 

Thinking about it now, how did I walk away from this beauty?  I’ll have to hope it didn’t sell and I can snap it up in March!!!

1970s-80 12” record cases, £18.00 each from All Our Yesterdays:

I’ve just got to take a look around the always great All Our Yesterdays.  Wayne always has great stuff and this month it was his record cases that really caught my eye.  So vibrant, they looked brand new.  A really good deal for £18.00. 
Wayne has a unit in 20th Century Stores just across from the market.  And I always pay a visit to the traders in there when in town for the market.  There are around three or four floors of treasure.

1980s-90s McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, 50p each or five for £2.00, from We Used To Have One Of Those:

It was this HUGE box of vintage Happy Meal Toys that got me reaching for the wallet again.  And, at only £2.00 for five, I could do so guilt free.  I worked in McDonalds for two years as a teenager, and only put up with the hellish job because of these kitsch collectibles.  In fact, there’s probably a box of them bigger than this in my parent’s loft.  Anyway, I walked away with an almost full collection of Disney Aladdin toys (the Genie was elusive) and a couple of Aristocats.  I’m 36 years old.

1980s wall clock, £25.00 from Snygg:

If you love colour you’ll love Snygg’s style.  Their lamps are gorgeous.  But on this occasion it was the very 80s looking wall clock that tempted me.

But really everything there is tempting.

We admire your budgetary restraint Alex!  Thank you for letting us tag along on an entertaining, and occasionally surprising, shopping trip with you, and we hope you can snag those 'left behind' treasures next month! 

If anyone reading would like to have a go at being Finder of the Fair sometime just get in touch - we'd be glad to hear from you!