Finds of the Fair 12th February 2012

Our Finder is quite a coup this month!  This lady knows a thing or two about how to make those pennies stretch a bit further, and her blog is full of tips on how to shop, dress, cook, craft, organise and furnish your home on tuppence ha'penny, and lots more stuff besides.  Not only is she stylish, resourceful, vibrant, engaging and funny, but she seems to quite like our little fair too! 

I'll shut up now and let her introduce herself:

A Thrifty Mrs is a journalist, blogger and radio producer based in Manchester, she can most often be found searching for a bargain, tweeting daft things or updating her blog A Thrifty Mrs.

A lover of beautiful but useful things, A Thrifty Mrs has amassed an impressive collection of pre-war china, mid-century furniture and leather handbags and will happily fight you to the death for an old school satchel.

A Thrifty Mrs Blog (and don't miss her report of her day at The Vintage Village)
A Thrifty Mrs on Twitter

Oooh Betty!
1970s Silver-Reed Typewriter, £18 from Oooh Betty!

I think perhaps I'm a mustard addict because this colour pinged out to me across the room.  There's something so romantic about typewriters, especially now they've stopped making them (according to the incredulous news reader on the BBC a few months ago.)  They're fast becoming a piece of history and will no doubt be commanding much higher prices than the current £18 of this beauty from the lovely girls at Oooh Betty!

Colette Costello
Brown Tally Ho! handmade bag, £20 from Collette Costello.

I got chatting to this seller because I just loved her 'Tally ho!' print fabric and she explained she'd designed it herself and that the street signs and landmarks on the fabric were based on Salford and Manchester streets.  She had a lot of different handmade pieces but I really loved this large handbag and the fabric especially.

Babycham Mirror, £5 from McBaxter.

I'm a sucker for anything with a kitsch deer on it and at £5 there was no way this beauty wasn't coming back to Thrifty Towers with me.  I've been picked up Babycham bits and bobs for years but I've never seen a mirror crop anywhere at any price so I'm pretty sure I had a huge smile when I spotted this. A fiver? Seriously? SCORE!

All Mod Cons
1970s Chocolate brown ceramic lamp from All Mod Cons.

This is something which spoke to me from across the room.  My grandparents had stuff like this in their house when I was a child and I hated it, really, really hated it but obviously my taste has matured past My Little Pony in recent years and I wanted to take this home.  Alas I have no spare spots that would do it justice.

Teeny, tiny blue teapot, £5 from Parrot in the Pantry.

It's a miniature (selfishly brew yourself up just the one cuppa) baby blue teapot and it has a shiny cover and warmer, do you need anymore information as to why I picked it?  It's amazing!  Amazing.

Lost But Never Forgotten

The most delicate pink, glittery 1950s sunglasses, £3 from Garbo Antiques.

These were one of the first things I saw when I arrived at the market, they seemed to call out to me despite their imperfect conditon.  Garbo is a great stall to visit because the lady who runs it is so enthusiastic about every single piece she has on her stall and she is filled with knowledge about age, fabric, material and has the knack of being able to recommend something that will suit you to a T.

Lady Liquor Vintage
1950s picnic set in red leather case, £25 from Lace and Liqour Vintage.

Containing a full complement of cups, plates and the most beautifully kitsch flasks I thought this picnic set (in a gorgeous red leather case) would make a lovely wedding gift for a vintage loving couple.  It made me long for drives out to the Lake District and Enid Blyton books.

New Aged
Pink and orange Berketex Mayfair sleeveless 1960s dress, £32.95 from New Aged.

If I was thin, I'd buy it and wear it with white tights and knee high boots then bust some dance moves akin to an extra in Austin Powers and I know you would too.

I had a dress very similar to this in my dressing up box as a child, the colours then and now are exciting and you can practically smell the excitement the young girl felt when she bought this dress for a special occasion.

That Girl Sue
Stamp Canvas, £28 from That Girl Sue.

I hinted to my husband that I wanted pretty much everything on this stall but he didn't seem to listen to me!  The artist had taken old, used stamps and applied them to small canvas boards.  Her butterfly stamps and multi-coloured queen stamps were almost iconic in their appearance and something that bit unusual from the crafting community.

Mama J's Vintage Goods
1960's Pink Mod dress, £25 from Mama J's Vintage Goods.

Perfect for Valentine's day and made from the most beautiful fabric, this dress couldn't be prettier if it tried.

Lost But Never Forgotten
Green tweed 1970s knitting bag with the most amazing lining, £6 from Lost but Never Forgotten.

I'll happily paw over anything with a wooden handle but this 1970s knitting bag was extra special because not only was it a gorgeous green on the outside but it had the most beautiful fabric inside.  A wealth of pockets made it a really useful buy for storing things like scarves or necklaces or if you want to stay traditional...yarn.