Finds of the Fair 11th September 2016

Your Finder this month - Paula Morton!

Portable record player, £18.00 from Funky Doodah Dandy:

Boy did I get into trouble when I told the family I’d left this piece with the stall owner.  An amazing Fidelity portable record player in classic red and white, simply stunning.

Telephone money box, £4.00 from All Our Yesterdays:

Complete and utter nostalgia.  When I was a child my mother would take this same box and shake it under my nose rattling the 2ps inside and probably the odd shirt button and washer we replaced the coins for.  This ritual would generally herald the end of your call and would be accompanied by a harsh reminder of who the bill payer was.  It now stands next to my phone although in this age of mobile technology I shall sadly have no reason to shake it.

1960s sunburst Metamec wall clock, £75.00 from New Patina:

Lovingly restored by the stall owner who took the workings from three other clocks to ensure this time piece was ticking again.  We debated the sharpness of the metal and concluded that it should be kept out of the reach of children.

1950s side table, £20.00 from Shady Lane Vintage:

I love the simplicity and style of the 50s design Formica top table with a magazine rack.  If they survived the ritual dumping in the late 60s and 70s then they are worth re-homing.

Sindy Annual 1972,  £4.00 from The Grand Collector:

I probably had this for Christmas.  I would have been five years old but I loved Sindy who, as you know, is Barbie’s poor relation.

1970s hand carved snake, £20.00 from Jane Hamilton:

An unusual wood carving with such attention to detail. The stall owner Jane tells me that his tongue has been lost over the years so he is now completely harmless to man.

Novelty milk jug, £5.00 from Parrot in the Pantry:

A budgie sat on a log - what’s not to like?  This milk jug is a fine piece of Garden House English pottery.  It is one of those pieces of china that amazes me as it appears so bizarre and novel but certainly of its time.  Of course I had to give it a good home, I fell in love.

Our thanks to Paula for this entertaining trawl round our fair, and we're glad to see that she didn't leave empty-handed!

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Hi, my name is Paula Morton.  I am thrilled to be this month's Finder of the Fair.  I love collecting vintage and have a particular interest in all things 1970s.  My home pays homage to the decade and my wardrobe is filled with delightful prints and strange fabrics that I am proud to wear and give a new lease of life. 

I have selected those items that caught my eye - some of them remained with the traders but others found their way home with me as I simply couldn't resist.  I hope you like them.

Cheese sardine set, £5.00 from A Vintage Affair:

For cheese lovers, here’s this delightful set with its original packaging.  I'm not sure the sardine was ever a typical accompaniment for cheese, well not in the north of England anyway.

1950s Hillman Minx advertisement, £12.00 from Enid Brown:

Delightful promotional print advertising the Hillman Minx.  My mother tells me that this was my parents’ first car and it caught fire one day when my dad was on his way to work.  Thankfully nobody was hurt.  This one is now proudly hanging up in my hallway.

Homepride kitchen scales, £12.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:

I remember him being called Harry Homepride but recent appearances of the character on TV advertisements have seen his name change to Fred!  This is actually a weighing scale although his weights and balances have been lost over time he would still take pride of place in any kitchen.

1980s silk shirt, £15.00 from suzylovesmilo:

Gorgeous silk shirt which has found its way over from Japan as the trader sources stock in both Japan and Korea.  I love the detail and the colour is truly beautiful.

Blue Brexton picnic set, £58.00 from Em’s Bygones:

I urge you to take some time looking at the items in this picnic set; it has everything covered.  I love the colours and the fact that you get two large flasks!  Great for picnics during the British summer - one for soup and one for tea.  Splendid.

Amber glass bead necklace, £5.00 from The Side Room:

I have recently developed a fetish for beads and had to add these to my growing collection.  They are a beautiful clear amber and came with a hand made happy birthday bag made by the stall owner to celebrate the Vintage Village’s sixth birthday.

1960s red abstract pattern tumblers, £10.00 from Vintro Homewares:

A set of four tumblers took my eye due to the bright red colour and design.  Most of my vintage glassware is kept out of the reach of animals and other humans. 

Men’s grooming set, £4.00 - £8.00 from Allsortz:

First prize goes to anyone who can tell me what all the pieces are for?