Finds of the Fair 11th May 2014

Hello! I’m Andrew and I can usually be found at The Vintage Village with a cup of tea keeping Emma and Nico company as they sell their wares . . . but this month I was trusted with my very own part of the stall and had the most super time.

My finds of the fairs are all about how you can fill your whole day from dawn ‘til dusk with treasures found at The Vintage Village.

Boomerang Vintage & Retro
Daisy tea set, £65.00 from Boomerang Vintage & Retro:

After the hair is preened I need to run downstairs for a quick cup of tea and a great cup of tea can’t be had in just anything, you have to have a special cup.  I chose this Daisy set from Boomerang (£65.00), because even if the sun isn’t shining the flowers are still blooming.

Red pedal car, £20.00 from RetroFunky:

I’m running a bit late now so I need to get in the motor.  If I were going to design my dream car it would be this bright red convertible from Retro Funky for £20.00, it is certainly cheaper than my old banger.

Ginger's Comfort Emporium
The best ice cream, £2.50 from Ginger’s Comfort Emporium:

All hot and bothered I need something to cool down when I arrive so I pop over to Ginger’s Emporium for a Rhubarb Crumble ice cream for £2.50.  Rhubarb crumble in an ice cream?  That sounds like two puddings for the price of one!

Ophelia Buttons' Emporium
Perfect peg doll, £5.00 from Ophelia Button’s Emporium:

After a busy day chatting to friends and meeting new people such as Ophelia Button’s peg dolls in gorgeous vintage dresses (£5.00) . . .

Shiny Shilling
Imperial Safari typewriter, £25.00 from Shiny Shilling:

I’ve seen so much, spent more than I’ve made and I’m shattered but, as ‘Finder of the Fair’ I need to type up my findings.  Surely I can’t type them up on a computer after celebrating a bygone era?  Nope!  I’ll use this Imperial Safari Typewriter from the gorgeous ladies at Shiny Shilling for £25.00.

[Editor] That was quite an adventure!  Kudos to Andrew for his original and ingenious approach to Finding, and for presenting such a charming and appealing selection!

We could do with some more 'concept' Finds, I reckon.  Is anyone up for doing a 'holiday' selection?  Or maybe you have a better idea?  We need a Finder for our next fair on Sunday 8th June, so let me know if you're prepared to take up the challenge!

H.R. Collectables
Sunbeam hairdryer, £5.00 from H.R. Collectables:

‘Every morning I wake up, as I put on my . . .’  Ok, I don’t wear make-up but I do dry my hair and how cheery is this Sunbeam Hairdryer from H.R. Collectables?!  It was just £5.00 and is now in my bedroom!

Big on Retro
1960s sugar pot, £4.00 from Big on Retro:

Now, I’m not a northerner but I’ve settled here so two sugars in my tea please . . . taken from a sugar pot found at Big On Retro (£4.00, a bargain!)

Lime Street Trading
Wonderful red rocking horse, £95.00 from Lime Street Trading:

Unfortunately, the car isn’t working and I don’t have any roadside assistance.  What shall I do?  I’ll get the horse out!  Luckily Lime Street Trading have just the one for £95.00 and with a lovely smile and beautiful eyes I just can’t resist.

Essentially Eagle Vintage
Retro radio tin, £3.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:

I’m here; I’ve cooled down and now for some tunes to get me in the mood for the rest of the day.  This charming number from Essentially Eagle Vintage.  Hold on, it isn’t a radio? It is a tin!  Who cares, for £3.00 I’ll be having that.. and a tin will always be wireless!

Bathroom scales (no batteries required!), £7.00 from Henhouse:

. . . it is time to go home, and after all this rushing around I think I must have lost a few pounds.  I’ll check on these scales from Louise at Henhouse priced at £7.00 just to see.

Cyprys Vintage
Iona Hostess set, £55.00 from Cyprys Vintage:

I have settled up North but there is one thing I can’t abide, gravy!  However, on a Sunday I’ll be cooking a roast for the family and whilst I won’t be having gravy I’ll admire the gravy boat I’ll be serving it in.  Part of an Iona Hostess set designed by John Russell from Cyprys Vintage at £55.00 for the set.  Gorgeous!

Super, smashing and great. What a lovely day! xx