Finds of the Fair 11th March 2018

Hi, I'm Dorian.  After spending my 20s nestled in the pages of the NME every week as the guitarist and songwriter with The Long Blondes in Sheffield, I ended up on the "wrong side" of the Pennines due to the unforeseeable twists and turns that finding the right/wrong girl entails.

I've been dressed in vintage for over twenty years, although back than it was just called "second hand”.  I spent most of my youth scouring charity shops for 1960s and 1970s clobber, much to my mother's despair and my friends' bewilderment.  So here we are at Stockport’s Vintage Village…

Stones Bitter ashtray, £5.00 from Blacks:

My mates back in Sheffield swear by Stones Bitter and I have a romance for old Working Mens clubs of the North and a time when you could smoke in pubs.

American Boy Scouts shirt, £7.00 from BRG Collectables:

Unpleasant childhood memories aside, Scout shirts are very aesthetically pleasing.  Especially this Boy Scout of America classic.  Very cute.

Poetry book, £2.00 from Moor Vintage:

I can't resist a good paperback and my other half is a talented poet so I naturally gravitate towards books like this.

1970s kids T-shirt, £15.00 from The Queen’s Drawers:

1970s prints are something I love and kids clothes in the 70s were great fun. If it was big enough I would have bought this for myself!

K Shoes, £12.00 from Valentine’s Curious Closet:

What a find!  Perfect summer shoes for Mod girls.  1960s deadstock and as rare as hen’s teeth.  Go get 'em!

1970s badge, £2.00 from Emily Rose Vintage:

I'm an old-school Indie Kid so still love button badges (often the more ironic the better!)  I love this one from the old "Love Is..." comic strips of the 70s-80s.

1960s suit jacket, £10.00 from Re-Loved:

A rack of suit jackets is like Kryptonite to me.  My flat is overflowing with 60s and 70s suits.  I bought a crushed velvet suit from this seller once.  This 60s suit jacket is a bargain - brown with a fine green weave.  A gem.

Scott Walker LP, £16.50 from Check Records:

Dave and Lea who run the Check Record stall have an infinite amount of vinyl to look through.  They also have a stall at the Stockport Book and Record Fair in Stockport Market every month [editor’s note: they actually organise it too!]  I picked this because Scott Walker's solo LPs are truly one of life's greatest pleasures.

Umbrella, £5.00 from Garbo Antiques:

If you live in the Manchester area you need an umbrella, simple as that.  So you might as well have a stylish one.  Look at this beauty...

Pocket square, £1.00 from Vintage Clutter:

Details matter.  You'll never see me without a suit jacket nor without a pocket square handkerchief.  One for all the dandies out there (I bought this).

Wigan Casino plate, £6.00 from Memorographs:

I was lucky enough to inherit my father's Northern Soul record collection as a teenager and it still resonates with me now.  I had a chat with the owner about how this is a very rare image of the Wigan Casino crest.  If you're into Northern Soul than no explanation is necessary, if you're not then no explanation will suffice.

Fred Perry trousers, £25.00 from Value Vintage:

In my youth I was very into Mod culture so the Fred Perry logo still catches my eye.  A nice pair of rare summer style trousers (my waist was too slim).

What a perfectly judicious selection for a gentleman of taste!  Our thanks to Dorian for his sterling work. 

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