Finds of the Fair 11th June 2017

Hello! My name is Zara and I have been going along to Vintage Village since October last year.  When I say that I am the lady who can frequently be heard saying “look but don't touch” and “watch where you're going”, you may be able to picture me!  Yes, as a single mum I have no choice but to take Dominic (6) and Jasmine (3) along for my monthly perusal of the aisles.  Sometimes this can be stressful, but when they were both presented with gifts from Vintage Father Christmas at the end of last year, I knew that they were just as welcome as I was.  It's not just children who are welcome either, we had the pleasure of meeting Hendrix the dog this morning. For me, it is this inclusive atmosphere which is the biggest draw of all. 

Every visit to Vintage Village is like stepping back in time; not only through the weird and wonderful items for sale, nor the period entertainment (everything from crooners to George Formby tributes to Northern Soul DJs) and classic car and scooter displays, but through the attitude of the people.  There is no 'hard sell' at any stall and good manners are the rule, not the exception.  Little complimentary chocolates and sweets can usually be found by way of an ice breaker, and I'm astonished at how many sellers have offered to 'knock 50p off' or 'throw that in' without any prompting.  Passion for nostalgia is usually put before profit.  Before we moved to South Manchester, we would regularly make the pilgrimage from Liverpool, such is my love of this place!

1960s Fisher Price circus set, £85.00 from All Our Yesterdays:

My own personal piece de resistance was a stunning Fisher Price circus dating from 1963, which could be found on All Our Yesterdays stall.  It was in immaculate condition and worth every penny of its price tag.

Super stylish visitors, priceless:

I am always impressed and slightly envious to see fellow customers who dress authentically.  Thanks to Wendy and Gillian for letting me take a snap of them.

Porcelain bulldog (ring holder?) £8.50 from Make Do and Mend:

Jasmine wanted to help me in my Finds of the Fair task, and spotted a cute porcelain bulldog on Make Do And Mend's stall for £8.50.

NFL jacket, £4.00 from Eye Wood:

I was reminded again of my youth as I spotted a genuine NFL San Francisco 49ers jacket on Eye Wood's, clothes rail.  My first serious crush was on a boy called Darren Lumb, who was a fan of American Football.  Back in the 90s I would love to have turned up in the playground with that on – he would have been smitten (with the jacket, if not with me).

Plastic deer, £2.00 from Vintage Clutter:

Another item I couldn't bear to leave behind was a kitsch plastic deer from Vintage Clutter (who wins the prize for best home-made stall sign).  At only £2.00, I snapped it up.  My children named him/her “Tiny Pop”.

1960s Arcopol glass coffee set, £15.95 from Vintage Paraphernalia:

I admit that I am more of a 'mug' person than a 'teacup and saucer' person, however, as I was about to leave, I couldn't take my eyes off Vintage Paraphernalia's set of French Arcopol Harlequin pastel coffee cups and saucers.  They looked like human-sized doll's house toys!  I was almost frightened to handle them, but looks can be deceptive, as they were surprisingly sturdy.  Dating from the 1960s, they also looked to be unused. 

Cake lollipops, £1.00 each from Stuart Thornley Cake Design:

At the end of every fair, my children are treated to cake lollipops from Stuart Thornley's stall (being a strict member of Slimming World, I would never indulge in a Blackcurrant Liquorice traybake, let alone 3 for £4.  I have no idea how my loyalty card has become ¾ full).

Thank you Zara (and Dominic and Jasmine) for presenting such a delightful and entertaining set of Finds this month!  It's good to see that you are starting them off young - they clearly have a good eye for a find already! 

If you'd like to seek Zara out online she is on Instagram @my_box_of_photos and on Facebook

Liberty of London child’s shirt, £10.00 from The Side Room:

I am always on the look out for two things on my fair 'wish list' – children's clothing and milk bottles with adverts on them. Everything else is pot luck, be it a 60s blouse, a 50s beer bottle or an 80s Care Bear that catches my eye.  We found the first of my 'wish list' items at The Side Room's stall.  It is Dominic's seventh birthday next month, and we found the perfect party shirt, a psychedelic number by Liberty of London.  He loved it so much that he kept it on for the rest of the day, and received lots of compliments as a result.

AA car badge, £?? from BRG Collectables:

I can't claim to be a vintage expert by any means.  I act purely on instinct.  My home is not styled as a vintage home, but I like to pick out pieces to salute 'the good old days'.  Speaking of which, one of my first spots was a collection of car badges on BRG Collectables' stall, including the famous yellow AA one.  I was delighted to learn that for 60 years it was AA policy to salute any driver who was sporting such a badge on their car.

1980s houndstooth jacket, £2.00 from Mad Hatton’s Vintage:

I did add to my very sparse vintage clothing collection when I saw that Mad Hatton's had a £2.00 rail - £2.00!!  My purchase was a houndstooth jacket by C&A, which, guessing from the shoulder pads, may date from the 1980s!

1980s Troll, £5.00 from suzylovesmilo:

I overheard a couple of people arguing about whether or not 90s items should be considered vintage.  The general consensus seems to be that so long as they are at least 25 years old, then they're fair game; though I have to admit it pains me to think that many things I owned in my youth, such as the  troll on suzylovesmilo’s stall, are now thought to be “from the olden days.”  Sigh.

1960s Kathie Winkle crockery, £2.00 to £5.00 each, from Thingummydoodah:

I also spotted the plates that filled our 80s kitchen cupboards on Thingummydoodah's stall – Kathie Winkle Rushstone pieces were priced between £2.00 and £5.00 each.  I would have taken more care eating my Findus Crispy pancakes on them if I'd have known they would be sought after in the future.

1960s flamingo necklace, £8.00 from Silly Gilly Vintage:

It was lovely to speak to many of the stall holders for the first time, as I explained that I was doing Finds of the Fair this month.  Silly Gilly Vintage and her mum were especially welcoming, and I loved their 60s Tiki flamingo necklace, which I know a lot of my Instagram friends would queue up to get hold of!

1970s onyx telephone, £50.00 from Gaskets and Lace Vintage:

Equally as elegant was an Italian Onyx telephone, featuring the once familiar BT logo, from Gaskets and Lace.

Lucy Lockwood and Friends, FREE!

It was a great honour and lots of fun to be asked to be this month's finder. Many thanks to all who welcomed me to their stalls, and special mention must go to Lucy Lockwood and band for indeed making it a Jazzy June though their superb al fresco performances.  I must also wish my friends at Emily Rose Vintage a happy wedding anniversary, which they the fair.  The couple that trades together, stays together!  Hope to see you all again next month!