Finds of the Fair 11th February 2018

Your Finder this month: Sam Hoolala!

1950s charm bracelet, £20.00 from Moor Vintage:

I loved this the moment I saw it.  Sharda from Moor Vintage has great taste in vintage jewellery and this bracelet is rather unusual.  In some cultures the number 13 is said to be lucky but more commonly it is viewed with suspicion to the point where some buildings will not include the room number 13.  In Norse mythology Loki was the 13th God who caused destruction and devastation in Valhalla.  There were also 13 apostles - Judas Escariot being the one who betrayed Christ which probably explains why 13 is seen as unlucky.  Ancient Egyptians actually considered 13 a lucky number as there were 12 stages to spiritual enlightenment with the 13th being the eternal afterlife. This charm bracelet dates from around 1950 and the price tag was only £20.00.

1960s negligee, £?? from The Queen’s Drawers:

It’s Valentine's Day on Wednesday some felt I ought to include some love in my finds.  I saw this the moment I came in and it reminded me of the Carry On films.  It was being sold by Marie from The Queens Drawers who has the most fabulous vintage selection of 1960s clothing.  She told me it belonged to a lady who had been in the RAF and she had lived all over the world.  It’s rather see through and pretty saucy and very nylon so stay away from fires and naked flames!

Bone necklace, £15.00 from Garbo Antiques:

One of the first things that caught my eye was this super trinket.  It is bone designed to look like a boar’s tooth.  Almost certainly a souvenir from abroad, and a very reasonable £15.00, from Maggie Harding of Garbo Antiques.  I love her stock, she has such a great eye and her prices are always reasonable with something to suit every budget.

Viewmaster slide set, £3.00 from We Used To Have One Of Those:

Dave from We Used to Have One of Those is another seller who always has a curious collection of stock.  This little pack contains a set of Viewmaster slides of Heidi and they originate from France.  Another reasonable collectible for £3.00.

Our hearty thanks to Sam for her fabulous Finds!  You can find her on Instagram as @the_hoolala_circus.

If you fancy having a go at being our Finder of the Fair, all you need is a camera/smartphone, notebook, pen, and impeccable taste!  Get in touch here.

My name is Sam and I used to trade under the brand Hoolala.  I was a designer maker for about 15 years when I lived in Oxfordshire.  My work has been featured in The Sunday Times Style, Italian Elle and Indie Style Vienna. 

Since I moved back up North I have gone back to work full time and worked for a few different charities.  I currently run the retail operation for a charity based in Lancashire.  I grew up around antiques and old houses and have always loved jumble sales and flea markets.  These days I love a trip to a vintage fair and I have found the traders at Stockport Vintage Village always have a really interesting mix of items.  So when I was nominated to be Finder of the Fair this month I was looking forward to discovering some unusual treasure and you didn’t disappoint!

1950s dolls house stove, £18.00 from All Our Yesterdays:

All Our Yesterdays always has a fantastic selection of collectibles and this tiny dolls house cooker even had the cooking tins inside it.  A lovely miniature which would really look amazing in a vintage dolls house.  Priced at £18 I thought this was another great find.

Handmade teddy bear, £2.00 from The Side Room:

Oh my! I saw this miniature felt teddy bear when I went to look at The Side Room.  Anne and Vic have the most fantastic selection of linen, costume jewellery and smalls but they don’t come much smaller than this - he fits in the palm of my hand!   I couldn’t leave him behind so I bought him.  He dates from around the 1960s and the stitches on the felt are just so incredibly small.  He had a tiny price tag too of just £2.00.

1970s Nosferatu film poster, £20.00 from The Modernist:

Be still my beating heart!  I saw this and knew I had to include it in my finds.  The seller is Steve trading as The Modernist.  He very kindly gave me some background info on this wonderful treasure, telling me that Nosferatu was played by Klaus Kinski, Nastassja Kinski’s father.  This relic dates from the late 1970s and it was only £20.00.

1960s leather case, £26.00 from TinTrunk:

It was so very cold on Sunday so I decided to venture into 20th Century Stores as I have never been in before.  It’s the most wonderful treasure trove of vintage goods and this suitcase in TinTrunk’s unit immediately caught my eye.  It was owned by Tony Davis, frontman of world famous Liverpool folk band The Spinners, and still had the Musicians Union sticker on the front of it.  Price to you?  A mere £26.00.

Victorian cameo, £85.00 from Sue Booth’s Sparkle:

This brooch depicts Dionysus or Bacchus.  Sue Booth of Sue Booth’s Sparkle had so many fabulous pieces it was difficult to choose just one!  Mythological cameos were worn to honour specific Gods and Goddesses.  Bacchus was known as God of the Vine and also symbolised fertility and giver of ecstasy.  It is a really nice example of a cameo set in a jet frame.