Finds of the Fair 11th December 2016

1950s crackers, £8.00 the set, from All Our Yesterdays:
Wayne's "All Our Yesterday's" stall is a must-visit; not only is it filled with bargains, there's a great mixture and some of the best vintage toys you'll ever find.  I'm getting into the festive spirit and anything remotely Christmas-y was catching my eye today.  This box of 1950s tree crackers were a snip at £8.00 for the lot.

1950s cups and saucers, £20.00 the set, from Suzy Loves Milo:
I've actually owned a dish in this design before, but the seller in me usually takes over and there's only a few pieces I've actually kept for years instead of selling on.  I love the 50s design on these saucers, and the brightly coloured teacups complete a perfect little set!

1950s table mats, £8.00, from Melanie:
Melanie was a new trader with a great selection on her stall - I found myself drawn to a few of her wares, but these table mats immediately caught my eye.  I hope Melanie wouldn't mind me saying that they were a little worn, but they've clearly been well loved and had plenty of life left in them for more love yet!

1950s Midwinter 'Hollywood' tureen, £20.00, from The Modernist:
1950s ceramics and china always catch my eye, and you won't find a much better example than this Midwinter tureen.  The shape, the pattern, I love everything about it.  I have the tea set of 'Savanna', another pattern for Midwinter by Jessie Tait, which has very similar colours to this, so I'm slightly regretting not taking it home for myself!

1950s-60s large wheely poodle toy, open to offers, from Snygg:
If you're in need of vintage lamps, ceramics or incredible fabrics, you simply must stop by Snygg in 20th Century Stores.  I've been a long-time admirer of their goods, and find myself "ooh"-ing and "aah"-ing all over the place when I pay them a visit.  This time I was rather taken by this little (or not so!) poodle - I'm not sure if it was a pull-along, or something that could perhaps be sat on, but I was just glad to see I wasn't the only one in the festive spirit.

Huntley & Palmer tin, £6.00, from A Vintage Affair:
Tins are probably the thing that grab my attention the most when out rummaging for vintage stock, and this Huntley & Palmer one was a thing of beauty.  It'd be perfect to buy and fill with some homemade chocolates or biscuits for a Christmas present, I'm hoping it got snapped up!

1950s Boots Number Seven beauty booklet, £2.50, from TinTrunk:
One of the big collections I used to have was vintage make-up and cosmetics, so this would have looked perfect on my 1940s art deco dressing table, if it didn't currently reside at my Mum's!  Like so many stalls, Sarah has so many things that caught my eye and had a beautifully curated little area in 20th Century Stores.

Thank you Catherine, that was a delightful and colourful blast of style - with a lively dash of kitsch - and we loved it!

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Hello!  I'm Catherine, and if you're a long time VV-goer, you may recognize me.  I've been a vintage seller for almost seven years - trading as Lace and Liquor Vintage - and stood monthly at Vintage Village, until - to quote Sarah - I got myself knocked up!  With a baby in tow I get to sell at fairs a lot less these days, but I still run my online store and blog in whatever time I've got left after being a Mother! 

I love coming back to the Vintage Village to see all the familiar, smiling faces, so I'm thrilled to be the finder of the fair for December.

Brooches, £3.00 each, from Jane Hamilton:
I'm what some would describe as a "typical woman" in that I'm attracted to all things sparkly.  Jane had a beautiful selection of brooches from the 1950s and 1960s, and for just £3.00 each they deserve to have flown out!

1960s Harella wool coat, £80.00, from Mary Jones Vintage & Glamour:
If you're in need of the finest vintage clothing, you need to stop by Julia's stall.  This red Harella wool coat is so perfect for the festive season, and a great buy for £80.00 - the same amount on the high street would get you something in acrylic that bobbles after a few wears.  I love these sorts of pieces because you can wear a simple, comfortable outfit underneath but still look dressed up once you throw this on, the coat does all the talking!

Vogue chocolate box, £7.00, from BRG Collectables:
BRG Collectables is a real treasure trove of a stall - it's rare that I don't make at least one purchase from them.  This Vogue chocolate box caught the eyes of both my Mum and I, although I actually went away with a yellow plastic egg chair instead!

1960s bar accessories, £4.00, from Vintage Clutter:
I know I'm not alone in my love for little wooden bits of kitsch, and I'm surprised for just £4.00 these hadn't been snapped up already!  I always love stopping by Vintage Clutter, I was also drawn to their selection of baskets, Welsh tapestry and buttons - I'd buy them all if I had use for them.

1950s glasses, £10.00 the set, from Allsortz:
I'm sorry to keep rambling on about Christmas, but if these aren't the most perfect glasses for all those festive tipples, I don't know what is!  The atomic stripe and spotty design is just lovely.

1950s yellow bouclé chair, £55.00, from Village Vintage Clothing:
So many furniture companies recreate these vintage styles these days, but why buy new when you can buy an original for just £55.00?  It's hard to come across something of this age with it's original material in such great condition, and if I didn't already have a house full of vintage chairs, it would be going home with me!