Finds of the Fair 11th December 2011

We really got lucky with this month's Finder!  Helen Munn has done an absolutely splendid job for us, as you will see.

So let's allow her to introduce herself:

Hi, I'm Helen Munn, a 28 year old crafty vintage lover!  I bought a sewing machine this year and now I love making pillows, dresses and gifts, and have recently started making scarves and hankies out of vintage material.

You can find my jewellery and handmade items available for sale on my website.  I also blog and write.  I am addicted to twitter - seek me out @HelenMunn - and I promote a vintage way of life combining old-fashioned morals with a modern feminist twist.

Having grown up in my Grandfather's antique shop, I feel at home at any vintage market, especially The Vintage Village at Stockport Market Hall!

Vibrant Vintage
1950s baby reins, from Vibrant Vintage by Victoria Claire:

I loved them as they reminded me of a photo of my dad when he was a toddler in simpler reins.  A very unique way of keeping hold of your child!  The picture on the front and the bells were just enchanting - they really don’t make things like this anymore.

Vintage 78 DJs
1940s-50s picnic hamper, from It's a Wind Up!  Vintage 78 DJs:

I couldn’t believe that this had not even been unwrapped properly!  A full picnic set from around 1940s-50s.  Everything you need for a summer picnic and more, it came with two flasks, pepper and salt, and glasses.  All you need to add is a soft top convertible and the countryside.

Donald & Miss June
Leo the lion, from Donald & Miss June:

Leo was from around 1930s and had the friendliest little face I have ever seen.  He very almost came home with me, however I think the stall owners might been a little sad to lose their mascot.

Sesame and Lilly
Handmade needle case, by Sesame and Lilly:

Being a lover of crafts and sewing myself, this would be a perfect gift.  The work and detail that went into it was amazing.  In fact the whole stall was beautiful.

The Side Room
Set of six Babycham glasses, from The Side Room:

I loved this set as it reminded me of drinking Babycham with my nan and mum when I was in my early teens.  It was the first alcoholic drink I could have and it was a special Christmas treat.

All Our Yesterdays
1950s-60s weekend case, from All Our Yesterdays:

Note that this has a card from the last naughty weekend it went away to!  This case almost made it into my shopping bag but I was supposed to be buying gifts instead.  I loved the fact that it had a little piece of its history stored inside.  It was in great condition and would make a perfect weekend bag.

Turn Back Time
Orange payphone converted for household use, from Turn back Time:

I loved this phone it was the first thing that caught my eye once I walked into the fair.  Really unusual and I would love to have it in my flat if there was room.  The stall holder, Rod, had a huge variety of homeware and trinkets, all very unique.

The Past Perfect
The Past Perfect
1940s wedding dress, from The Past Perfect:

This was incredible and I really hope it finds another special day to appear at.  The stall holder told me she had cleaned off some make-up and a foot print, which is proof that someone obviously had a great wedding!  She has done a wonderful job as it sparkled beautifully.

Vintage Retro Kitsch
Kodak Popular Brownie camera, from Vintage Retro Kitsch:

We have a friend who collects cameras so these always catch my eye [UPDATE: now identified as @jetpacmagazine - and here's the proof!]. There were so many delicious things on this stall but this old 30s-40s camera just jumped out at me.

September Girl
Green taffeta prom dress, by September Girl:

If only I could have fitted in to this it would have been coming home with me.  This amazing two-tone green number would have been a fabulous party dress for the Xmas season.

1920s London Underground framed poster print, from Simcock:

I actually brought this print for my boyfriend and we are going to hang it in our flat.  He is a massive film buff and this is a very unique piece.

Chinese trinket box:

This stall didn’t have a name, however the lovely Norma informed me that this box was actually purchased in Scotland.  This one came home with me and I'm going to use it as a jewellery box.  It really caught my interest as it was in such good condition and so detailed.  The box is made of metal and the colours are so vivid.