Finds of the Fair 11th August 2013

I am Mr Stephen Marland; for 42 years, man and boy - art student/ designer/railwayman/gardener/illustrator/photographer/lecturer.

Collector of crockery, bric-a-brac, knick knacks and various ephemeral items.

Wanderer, wonderer, eminently enthralled and engaged by the general flux, ebb and flow of daily life.

A regular at The Vintage Village - why, it's only a ten-minute stride away.

I can be found on Flickr.

Rita Black
1950s woven chair, £30.00 from Rita Black:

Ideal for patio, boudoir or conservatory.

Accessorise with beatnik cigarette holder, warm Babycham, cocktail gloves and kitten heels.

Or simply slump in your Sloppy Joe, kool katz.

Vintage Emporium
1950s Stratton compact, £22.00 from Keeley at Vintage Emporium:

A really sweet romantic inlaid illustration on a neat and tidy, intact and compact, compact.

Ideal for those "just off to powder my nose" moments.

The Adventures of Captain "Space" Kingley Annual, £3.00 from Chris and Gareth at Retrofunky:

Your passport to the future - lose yourself in an out-of-body experience into outer-space with the Captain.

Simply divine typography and exhilarating illustration.

Mabel on the Table
Pifco rear bicycle light, £6.00 from Jane at Mabel on the Table:

In addition to a formidable selection of desirable crockery, I was tempted by this pristine rear light.

Simply attach to your dynamo and pedal - you know how to pedal, don't you Steve?

As Lauren Bacall certainly never ever said.

Anne Langton
Wedgwood Summer Sky nine side-plates and two bowls, £2.00 from Anne Langton:

Certainly amongst the more modern and simple of Etruria's output, I simply had to add these to my already extensive selection of Summer Sky.

Anne, a staunch Red, was glad that these were the last remnant of her Blue husband's ceramic presence.

For me an absolutely life/mood enhancing bargain.

Eclecta Books
1940s Cycling magazine, £2.00 from John at Eclecta Books:

I could have chosen a ten gallon hatful of items from the cornucopia of printed matter on John's shelves.

Eventually settling on this Cycling journal, with its topical Tour de France strap line and appealingly masculine advertisement

It's always advisable to "Ask the man who knows best".

Shabby Cheek
Portmeirion Cirque D'Hiver storage jar, £15.00 from Rob Gray of Shabby Cheek:

A refreshing monochrome change, and part of a wider range of cycling themed ceramics.  I already have a velocipedes mug, in addition to several bicycles of varying vintages.

Rita Machin
Furnishers Encyclopedia 1955, £5.00 from Rita "Incognito" Machin:

A fine selection of tips, swatches, handy hints and classy advertisements for any aspiring interior decorator.

All Our Yesterdays
A large Woods Ware Iris jug, £5.00 from Wayne at All our Yesterdays:

As seen on Heartbeat, The Royal, Ask the Midwife or any TV drama set in or around the second half of the last century.

I bought this for my good friend Jane, to add to her already ample collection - on the sound principle that too many is never enough.

Apparently Jamie Oliver has used the Jasmine variant as crockery de jour in one of his chi-chi London eateries!

1970s Belgian ceramic tile topped table, £120.00 from Alex and Alison at Snygg:

Part of Snygg's eccentric colourful ceramic world, perfect for resting a late evening cocoa cup, or world-weary slippered feet.

Were I not, already, appropriately ceramic topped tabled-up, this is a modern household essential.

1950s transfers, £2.00 from Lynne and Jane at Populuxe:

A little very personal nostalgia; a search for home.

My reward for not acting the goat on a shopping trip with my Mam would be a sheet of transfers.

To be applied with spit to the arm, or, more carefully, damped onto paper and released, with varying success as the image often broke up and revealed itself to be nothing more than an indistinct smudge.

Teaching you, time and time again, that life could be a long succession of tiny, yet significant, disappointments.

As a child of my time, I also have an irrational attachment to a debased representation of the American West.

The Side Room
Vintage hand knitted tank top, £6.00 from Anne at The Side Room:

This giddy kaleidoscope of colour sang to me, suspended from the shutters.  Were I a slimmer chap, I may now be in suitably vintage enwrapture.

Phew - that's all folks!

Just to thank you again for your patronage

As an addendum I would like to point out that prior to my 42 years of adult life I spent 16 years riding around on a tracker, eating chips, reading comics and banging into things, without sustaining any serious injury.

Editor:  What a truly splendid selection, thank you Stephen! 

It's a good job we don't have a photo of you, or you may find yourself shadowed next month by devious vintage bargain-hunters.