Finds of the Fair 10th September 2017

Hello all,

I'm Gail Eagle.  Vintage trader by day, Registered Nurse by night.

Some of you will know me better as the face of Essentially Eagle Vintage, selling everything from quality to kitsch.  You want it? I've probably got it or can get it for you.  You can find me on Facebook or Instagram.

I hope you enjoy my finds.

1900s French wall thermometer, £32.00 from Reversegear:

First time (at Vintage Village) traders Reversegear had a gorgeous stall of French sourced items.  I love a bit of Art Nouveau.  This pewter wall thermometer really stood out and at a bargainous £32.00, it would have cost you far more to have sourced it yourself.

1960s fashion doll, £15.00 from Dabberdecades:

This was an instant addition to my Finds as soon as I saw it.  Why?  Because it bears more than a passing resemblance to Vix from Kinky Melon's Retro Boutique.  She was a very reasonable £15.00 from Dabberdecades who had the exact same thoughts as me!

Callipers, £8.00 from The Grand Collector:

Having a clinical background, I wanted to find a medical instrument of sorts.  I thought this fitted the bill from David The Grand Collector.  I was sure these were used to measure the circumference of babies heads.  Once home, my other half informed me it is for measuring the thickness of items not heads!!  For £8.00 I'm sticking to my original theory.

1950s Tarzan books, £1.00 each from We Used To Have One Of Those:

I spotted a box of Tarzan books and was instantly transported back in time.  For me, there is only one Tarzan and that was Johnny Weissmuller.  I adore each and every film he made and can watch them over and over and never tire of them.  £1.00 for all those memories.

1950s tiger ornament, £20.00 from Balmer & Stanley:

I couldn't leave out this chalkware tiger from Balmer & Stanley.  My paternal grandparents lived in a flat.  As you walked down the stairs to the front door there were two of these facing one another on a shelf above.  They terrified my five year old self at the time and I've never forgotten them.

1970s Pink Panther car, £20.00 from The Side Room:

This was irresistible.  A Meccano Pink Panther mobile.  Anne from The Side a Room said it was very rare to have the Pink Panther still with it.  I can quite believe it as it dropped out when I picked it up to photograph.

1970s pin art phoenix, £16.00 from TinTrunk:

A trip to TinTrunk at 20th Century Stores is always a pleasure.  As we were chatting, my attention kept being drawn to this eye catching pin art Phoenix.  The colours are so vibrant and work really well together.  It wouldn't look out of place even in a modern home.

1980s space mug, £4.00 from Squound:
Anything retro space age is magical to me so this Expo 86 Canadian astronaut mug from Squound really appealed.  It had its original price tag underneath of $4.99.  Today's price was £4.00 so sadly it's not really appreciated much in value!

1950s American souvenir pinnies, £18.00 each from Source Hire:

Another first time trader was Jeff from Source Hire based in Eccles.  He had a huge selection of these plastic pinnies.  Some were still in their original packaging.  This was £18.00 and well worth every penny for the ultimate in kitsch.  His company hire props out to TV and film.  Items on his stall included a tea set used in Peaky Blinders.  Find them on Facebook or The Source Hire.

1970s poster, £8.00 from Memories Are Made Of These:

Such a bargain at £8.00, this 1974 very large original art poster entitled Beach Girl by Ernest Ratcliff.  The paper even had a canvas feel to it.  I couldn't help but think was this modelled on Lynch's Tina and Nina?

1960s child’s desk, £35.00 from Em’s Bygones:

Another blast from my past was this plywood Triang desk from Em's Bygones, sadly missing its matching chair.  My brother and I used to fight over ours all the time.

1950s-60s novelty fork set, £5.00 from Vintage Clutter:

Being a big cat lover, there had to be a cat inclusion.  Super cute and practical teak olive fork holder.

1980s circus poster, £45.00 from Hobson’s Choice:

I discovered an absolute hidden gem right at the back of 20th Century Stores.  Hobson’s Choice is a veritable treasure trove and the styling superb.  It ticked all my boxes.  This fantastic circus poster caught my eye due to the performing pigs that were rather random.  At £45.00 I don't think it will be there long.

Lobster pot, £28.00 from All Our Yesterdays:

I wanted a completely random item to include in my finds.  It doesn't come more random than these genuine lobster pots.  Found on his holidays in Northumberland, Wayne from All our Yesterdays had them priced at £28.00 each and the barnacles were free!

Wasn't that fun?  With a few unexpected turns along the way too!  Our hearty thanks to Gail for doing such a splendid job this month.

Essentially Eagle fans will be relieved to hear that she will be back as a Vintage Village trader next month, with her usual unpredictable array of vintage treasures for you to enjoy (and buy!)