Finds of the Fair 10th November 2013

Meet Alex of Snygg, who, in the space of just over a year, has established a thriving business with partner Alison specialising in stylish mid-century homeware and décor, with an emphasis on ceramics and glass. 

Now what will catch his eye at the fair?  Read on . . .

I’ll tell you what the hardest job in the world is: being Finder of the Fair at The Vintage Village when you’re a trader there yourself.  So I’d like to begin with a disclaimer or two.  Firstly, if I didn’t photograph your stuff and you thought I should have done, don’t take it the wrong way – I couldn’t get away from our stand as often as I’d have liked to.  Busy, wasn’t it?  Secondly, if I did take your photo and it doesn’t appear here, apologies again – some of the shots were shockingly bad.  Are we still friends?  Gulp.

Anyway, on with the Finds. 

Shabby Cheek
Bisque dolls' heads, from Shabby Cheek:

Everyone loves a dolly, I’m sure you’ll agree.  Especially when stripped of hair, charred and staring vacantly out of a box of pure fear, like these I found on the splendidly macabre Shabby Cheek stand.  That’s my Granddaughter’s Christmas sorted, then.

1950s French school posters, from RetroFunky:

I’m keen on graphics of all kinds, and I also loved these French schoolroom posters from RetroFunky – love the ‘boy on a rope’.

Pearlie Queen Collectables
1950s French-themed tile, from Pearlie Queen Collectables:

I also loved these coffee table tiles from Pearlie Queen Collectables – graphics and ceramics in one tasty package!

Aspidistra Vintage
1980s pink hat, from Aspidistra Vintage:

It takes a hat-themed day to really demonstrate how boring most mens’ hats really are – why can’t we get to wear such confections as this ravishing pink number spotted on Aspidistra Vintage’s stand?  We can, you say?  Well I’ll do it if Alan does it first [editor's note: please don't encourage him].

The Grand Collector (or Mr Vintage?)
Eric Leaper bowl, from The Grand Collector:

Actually, I’m a sucker for any mid-century ceramics, so it was nice to spot this Eric Leaper covered soup bowl displayed by The Grand Collector (who had to make a business name up on the spot because I had my camera out).

Boomerang Vintage & Retro
Cathrineholm saucepan and casserole, from Boomerang Vintage & Retro:

I'm always attracted to Cathrineholm cookware, and so are many other people.  This 'Lotus' design is brilliant, especially in orange.  I imagine that's why, when I went back to Boomerang Vintage for a second look, someone had swiped these beauties.  Who could blame them?

The Crinoline Lady
1970s cheese board, from The Crinoline Lady:

Got to start with this one which I sneaked home with me, despite being under strict ‘no buying’ rules [editor's note: actually, we're happy for Finders to buy what they like!]  I just needed it.  Who wouldn’t need an object that suggests that in Britain we all wear traditional Welsh costume and do ‘jazz hands’?  Still haven’t worked out where this is from, but the style of illustration looks Scandinavian.  It’s all about cheese, obviously. Thanks to The Crinoline Lady for that one!

Penelope Cat Vintage
1970s Puffin paperback, The Circus is Coming by Noel Streatfeild, from Penelope Cat Vintage:

I had a great browse through the 1970s childrens’ books at Penelope Cat Vintage.  Those where the days, when it was commonplace to terrify children with weird clowns and the like.

Vintage Things Forever
Ceramic potted meat jars, from Vintage Things Forever:

Now then, I don’t know how you feel about potted meat, but you have to love these jars from Vintage Things.  Nostalgic for me – I used to dig this kind of thing up from Victorian rubbish dumps when I was a youth.  Ah, balmy days before mobile phones, when teenagers could while away many happy hours digging dangerous tunnels into mounds of old rubbish, their parents blissfully unaware of where they were, and what they were doing.

JK Vintage
1950s-60s San Marino vase with handle, from JK Vintage:

I’m a bit of a sucker for mid-century Italian pottery generally, and if I didn’t already have quite enough San Marino I’d have gone for this subtle beauty as seen on JK Vintage’s wonderfully blingy stand.

The Side Room
1950s-60s mohair blankets, from The Side Room:

It gets a bit chilly in the Market Hall in the winter months, and I was particularly taken with these very cosy-looking mohair blankets from The Side Room.  The colours would go so well my pink chapeau, too, don’t you think?  Sigh.  It’s hard being a bloke.

I could go on – there were so many interesting things to see.  Thanks to all the traders who let me get in their way, and thanks to The Vintage Village for another great fair.  I’ll get back to what I do best next time.

Fulsome thanks to Alex for presenting such a fabulous selection of treasures.  Now go and seek Snygg out - and gasp at the covetable pieces! - on Facebook, have a chat on Twitter, and read his words of wisdom for vintage traders here.