Finds of the Fair 10th March 2019

1960s gold beaded handbag, £60.00 from Mary Jones Vintage & Glamour:

Let's pause and take in the magnificence of this petite gold vinyl handbag with its linked gold hoops and lavish beaded accents, reminiscent of 🇪🇸 Paco Rabanne's 1960s space age couture chain mail shifts and the numerous budget version homemade crochet dresses worn with a modesty-saving slip underneath by the majority who couldn't afford couture.  It's a tease, it's racy and it's totally glamorous.  And - blow me down - it's probably Italian 🇮🇹

Miro silk screen print 'Hope', £35.00 from RDC Arts:

A vibrant hand silk screened print derived from Miro's 1946 painting 'Hope', produced by Modern Classics Inc., New York and released during his lifetime (pre-1983, probably 1960s).  Miro is one of the giants of 20th century modern art, and a proud Catalonian born in Barcelona  🇪🇸 (Apologies, I couldn't find a Catalonia flag emoji, so this is the Spanish one.  I understand that this is a contentious issue!)

1940s edelweiss brooches, £6.00-£8.00 each from Garbo Antiques:

Maggie of Garbo Antiques told me these edelweiss brooches were made immediately after the Second World War to symbolise friendship between our nation and Austria 🇦🇹.  Edelweiss jewellery was so popular in the post-war period that there are plenty of them around, hence the very reasonable prices for these charming brooches.

1968 European Cup LP, £15.00 from The Grand Collector:

Should you wish to, you could listen to the entire commentary of the 1968 European Cup - Manchester United vs Benfica 🇵🇹 - courtesy of this special edition LP in a football-shaped sleeve.  I won't spoil it for you by telling you who won ...

Late Victorian silver lady's watch and Albertina, £120.00 from Kim and Mick:

This exquisite 19th century lady's watch has a beautifully detailed 800 silver fancy case and has been paired with a judiciously selected silver Albertina (which is a fancy watch chain).  Turns out that the quality watch movement is Swiss🇨🇭 Who'd have thought it?

1950s-60s ceramic donkey planter, £10.00 from Elli's Emporium:

It's a cute donkey pulling a cart, and you can put a pot plant in it.  What more do you need to know?  OK, this donkey looks a bit aggressive to be honest, but even angry donkeys are adorable.  You could easily assemble an impressive herd of donkey planters in all sizes as they were a bit of a craze at the time.  There's lots of them around, and they're all delightfully different.  Just make sure they're as mint as this pristine example.  And all handmade in Italy 🇮🇹

If you would like to take on the Finds of the Fair mission, please do get in touch!  It's open to everyone - all you need is a camera/smartphone, notepad, pen and your unique and discerning taste!

A brisk canter round the Vintage Village Spring Fair, with the kind help and advice of some of the fine vintage traders you can find there. 

1972 Sklo Union Modernist glass vase, £45.00 from RetroFunky:

What a stunner!  A gorgeous amber glass vase featuring prominent alternating vertical rows of spherical blobs and conical points designed by Pavel Pánek for Sklo Union.  Pánek exploited the new technical possibilities of developments in glass production to push a futuristic style at Sklo Union.  He was only 24 years old when he joined the company in 1969, and this is one of his designs a few years later.  It  should be no surprise that he's a Czech 🇨🇿, following in the venerable heritage of the highly skilled and innovative Bohemian glass industry.

1970s Navy fatigues, £35.00 from Anna's Attic:

How cool is this?  A set of denim sailor's fatigues with a little dash of authentic boiler room oily grime.  The original sailor's name is written on the label - Viellefon - of "La Royale", the French Navy 🇫🇷

1960s handmade sunglasses, £48.00 from Paul Crompton:

"The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades."  You might not share Timbuk 3's optimism right now, but if you've gotta to wear shades you couldn't choose much better than these.  The large bug-eye frames are handmade in tortoiseshell acetate with a tastefully matte finish, and have quality glass lenses in a deep smoky brown.  Perfect for shielding the glare as you stroll down the Promenade des Anglais in Nice.  Imagine my surprise on discovering that they are French! 🇫🇷

1960s party/cocktail dress, £20.00 from Retrorags:

It's party time, you need a dress with impact.  How about this gorgeous emerald green satin number with a pleasingly random gold lurex polka dot pattern?  A photo of it on its hanger doesn't do it justice, this will come to life when you put it on.  The label says "Knaf-Modelle", which I think is probably German? 🇩🇪

Late 1960s GAF View-master projector, £20.00 from We Used To Have One Of Those:

The View-master was a much loved optical toy - a stereoscope - launched in 1939 offering a 3D viewing experience that blew people's minds back in the day.  Apparently 1.5 billion copies of the distinctive circular reels of slides were produced over its lifetime, so they're very easy to find, and they all work with every model. 

This projector featured a new-fangled halogen bulb, but sadly the 3D effect isn't apparent when it is projected.  But still, you can project View-Master slides!!  Dave of WUTHOOT told me this projector was Belgian 🇧🇪

960s Jorgen Jensen pewter cat pendant, £25.00 from The Side Room:

Feline fans, and modernist design fans, should be all over this.  Jorgen was the second son of Georg Jensen, who was most famous for his silver work, but Jorgen chose pewter as his preferred medium.  As if you didn't know, the Jensens were Danish 🇩🇰