Finds of the Fair 10th March 2013

Ladies and gennelmen, please give a hearty welcome to this month's Finder of the Fair, who has not let the fact that she is actually resident in London put her off from journeying up to our parish and treating us to her unique take on last Sunday's Designing Britain Fair

Settle down and read on, this one's a goodie!:

This month's Finds of the Fair are brought to you from dried up has been Ally from once popular purveyor of camp nonsense and crackly records dusty sevens.

A dedicated duck feeder, park bencher, library lingerer, and Mayfair wanderer she can also be found clearing the dancefloor with ill timed hard bossa at bi monthly basement soul catastrophe 99p soul

A fond appreciation of the bombsite boudiccas and the town and country lesbian leads one instinctively to the the sidestreet store and occasional fair for every shopping need, so The Vintage Village is a treat indeed.

Aspidistra Vintage
1960s bird egg cups, £18 from Aspidistra Vintage:

I still can't believe I went home without these.  What was I thinking?  If I'm not mistaken, which I usually am, these are are Dunlins.  Or Snipes.  Or Oystercatchers even.  As one who rarely leaves the house without the Observer's Book of Birds I really should know.

Vintage Pair
1970s cassette carousel, £7 from Vintage Pair:

This really should've been an attaché case full of home recorded northern soul tapes but sadly my photograph came out all glare and blur so we shall settle with the almost as essential cassette carousel.  I remain deeply afraid that we have lost something of huge importance with the abandonment of the cassette tape and its loving wooing power.

Eclecta Books
Elvis extended plays, £3-5 each from Eclecta Books:

Elvis always.  Tea here is taken in an Elvis Lives In My Heart mug and Love Me Tender bath milk (direct from Gracelands) is the bathroom essential.  Old Shep is guaranteed to reduce even the cruellest tyrant to blubbering tears.

Lord of the Pies
Best of British mixed cheese and white wine onion pies, £3.25 served hot from Lord Of The Pies:

Pies are cheese and onion or butter.  Or possibly some fancy dan concoction featuring mushrooms and such.  But that is all.  I could live off these and never complain.

Heirloom Rose
1960s K Skips suede shoes, £10 from Heirloom Rose:

"You with your bloody suede shoes and your bloody fountain pen."  Like Billy's dad I too subscribe to the view that suede shoes are a sign of despicableness.  Sadly I haven't a fountain pen to go with them but am assured a propelling pencil will do just as well.  These are previously unworn and will be my spring/summer crepe sole of choice.

Funky Orange
1960s Perdio Radio, £30 from Funky Orange Vintage:

As it's unthinkable to do any vintage selection without including a radio or a typewriter here's mine.  Tune into the Light Programme in style, brothers and sisters.  Fully functioning it was too.

[Editor back again]  Bravo!  Wasn't that a treat? 

Our fulsome gratitude to Ally for her sparkling selection this month.  We'd like to hope we could lure her back again sometime - the pie's on us next time, promise!

Hotch Potch Vintage
1950s globe, £7 from Hotch Potch Vintage:

The world is apparently getting smaller but even the briefest gander at this plastic and tin treasure and it's astounding hugeness and watery vastness will leave you gasping.  Sadly I have yet to find the mystic isle of Rand Mcnally but am always cheered by Uruguay.  Up your bum Google Earth.

Lace & Liquor Vintage
1950s beer mat, £2 from Lace & Liqour Vintage:

Mats proclaiming Jubilee Stout suit me; Canada Dry sparkling drinks, any day anywhere Chandy the thirst quencher, and Magee's Ale already adorn our cocktail corner so I'm sure Mary will feel right at home.

All Mod Cons
1960s Comfort salon hairdryer, £55 from All Mod Cons:

If I had my way all hairdressers would be fitted out with such contraptions.  Thankfully I'm very near the age when old lady salons can be entered without fear and the Thursday afternoon shampoo and set is a thrilling excursion.

Maggie Mae's Vintage
1950s metal meat safe with original handle, £65 from Maggie Mae's Vintage:

My notes say this is a meat safe.  Are there such things?  Apparently so.  Or I can't read my writing.  Here it would keep lovely vegetables from the clutches of vile villains.

HR Collectables
Fire bell, £20 from HR Collectables:

"Ring the alarm and not a sound is dying, whoa hey" as Mister Tenor Saw sings.  Imagine the fun you'd have ringing along, children.

Cyprys Vintage
1970s Welsh wool cape, £35 from Cyprus Vintage:

A braver, less dowdy me would always be seen in a cape and this would've been perfect protection from Sunday's bitter wintery blasts.

1970s car decals from Populuxe:

Up yours Coupe de Ville, Buick Electra, Mustang, Corvette Stingray - give me Morris, Triumph Toledo and (Vauxhall) Viva every time.