Finds of the Fair 10th June 2018

Hello!  I'm Natalie - Crimplene enthusiast, part time DJ, food obsessive, picture framer, occasional photographer and one half of Eyewood Vintage from Wakefield.  We travel over t'ills each month to trade at Stockport and have done so for the past year.  We love the vibes at Vintage Village, the friendly faces and the vast array of treasure to be found.  You can visit our Ebay shop here or follow us on Instagram at eyewoodwake [editor's note: also on Twitter and Facebook!]

1960s string vests in original packaging, £8.00 from Reloved:

With the weather as hot and humid as it was, I was totally surprised (at 2pm) to see these 'Count Christie' string vests had not been snapped up and were not being proudly sported by some hunky locals outside a nearby alehouse.

Crazy glasses, £3.00 from Anne Langton:

I've had some pretty severe hangovers in my time ... these crazy glasses hide the eye baggage expertly!

1970s bubblegum machines on stand, £50.00 from Anna’s Attic:

When I was a naughty nipper, I discovered that the plastic toy money we used in the class at infants school actually worked in the bubble gum and sweet machines outside the bus stop!  I took great advantage until I was busted by the shopkeeper.

1920s ashtray, £25.00 from Jeannie Mac Vintage:

This stunning 1920s copper, chrome and bakelite ashtray was actually used in Peaky Blinders (Jeannie Mac Vintage does prop hire)!!!  I stroked it around the rim, meaning I have possibly touched Cillian's lips by proxy.  Oooh the thought ...

1970s sun lounger, £40.00 from TinTrunk:

I spent many a happy caravan holiday in the 1970s as a toddler with my grandparents at Ingoldmells.  My granny was a glamorous lady, tall and slim with great legs!  My grandfather - a keen photographer - would regularly snap her on their super funky sun lounger.  Just like this one on the street outside.

1970s Norwegian flameware trio, £90.00 from Squound:

I do love ceramics that take me back to my 1970s childhood.  This trio of Norwegian flameware that I found over at 20th Century Stores boasts 'vulcanus quality for gas and electricity' and is probably why they still look as good as new after 40 years.

Excellent work by Natalie, I'm sure you will agree! 

If you would like to be our Finder of the Fair at a future event, don't hesitate to contact us.  It's a fun mission!

Elvis match books, £2.00 each from Emily Rose Vintage:

I'm partial to a rollie after a few gins/rums and can't imagine a better way of lighting up than with help from The King himself.....Thank you very much.

1960s-70s empty chocolate box, £6.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:

Who doesn't need an empty chocolate box with kittens and freesias in a basket? Kittens with Royalist tendencies …

REM 7” single, £2.00 from Retrorags:

Being a DJ and vinyl dealer, I can't resist a rifle through records. This early REM number takes me back to my late teenage years and had to come home with me.

1960s freaky doll, £5.00 from Moor Vintage:

This doll really freaked me out - think Monkey (1970s badly dubbed Japanese TV series) on botox ...

Tins and sign, starting price £3.50 from All Our Yesterdays:

The other half studied graphic design and has always had an eye for signage, advertising and fonts which I have to say has rubbed off ... "CLIP HANDSET FIRMLY IN POSITION BEFORE CLOSING DOOR" - would that be the toilet door after a fruit laxative perhaps?

1970s German large plastic banana that could be a lamp, £30.00 from Malcolm’s Place:

Spot the iconic LP cover ... This huge plastic banana lightshade was bought by Malcolm when he lived in Dusseldorf in the 1970s.  Maybe it once belonged to Nico?

[Editor’s note: this was placed over a lamp for the purposes of the photograph, it is entirely without light fittings but could easily be adapted!]