Finds of the Fair 10th June 2012

Sheila's Store
Set of coloured shot glasses, £10 from Sheila’s Store:

My eyes were immediately drawn to this gorgeous set of coloured shot glasses displayed by Shelia’s Store for the great price of £10.  The lovely stall holder told me that many of the things that she was selling were her mother Shelia’s – hence the name of the business.  She had a fantastic collection and these unique glasses really caught my eye.  I love the colours and the petrolly glaze they have.  My hubby is also a little obsessed with vintage shot glasses so I think my eyes are now trained to seek them out.  See ladies, we can draw the boys in!

All Our Yesterdays
1970s salt and pepper set, £2.50 from All Our Yesterdays:

Moving deeper in the treasure trove of stalls I came across Wayne and his wife of All Our Yesterdays.  Wayne sells a host of vintage homeware and these salt and pepper shakers really caught my eye.  They are such a bargain at £2.50 for the set.  I am kind of wishing I had treated myself to them.  Never mind, there is always next month.  I think I suddenly have a little bit of an obsession with kitchenware, especially 1960s-70s style - I can’t stop my eyes roving towards it.  Wayne told me of his love of vintage, he has been collecting and selling for 30 years plus. Impressive!

One of a Kind Vintage
1980s floral summer dress, £18 from One of a Kind:

My eyes do not stay long from the clothes.  I seem to be a little distracted this month by dresses.  I think with the tiny glimpse of summer that we had a couple of weeks ago I now only want to wear vintage dresses.  I found this lovely number from Liz Page at One of a Kind.  The dress dates from the 70s-80s era and it’s perfect for the summer.  I just love the buttoned sleeves.

Martha's Modes
1950s-60s ottoman, £30 from Martha’s Modes:

This has to be one of my all time favourite finds. OK well I loved everything I found, but this really made me smile - A 1950-60s ottoman.  I just love the floral print and the rich colours and shape of it.  We have an ottoman which I use for all kinds of things; they really are such fab little inventions.  This item was from Martha’s Modes and was going for £30.  I had a lovely chat with the stallholder, Jay, who was wearing a fantastic 1940s outfit.  She told me that she dresses 1940s and her house is all 1950s – I love it.

Grandma's Attic
1970s maxi dress, £26 from Grandma’s Attic:

Yes I’m back to the dresses.  This one has more of an evening style to it and was being sold by the lovely ladies at Grandma’s Attic.  I have had the great pleasure of meeting these lovely ladies at previous vintage events.  I fell in love with this 1970s dress.  The colour is gorgeous and as you can see on the model it really does cinch in at the waist; fabulous for a summer wedding.  We had a great chat and Grandma’s Attic said something which I loved and must pass on: “Every day we should dress our best as we don’t know what’s round the corner.”  I love this as so often I keep things for ‘best’ - well no longer, I’m wearing my dresses as much as I can and making sure I always look my best.  Thank you Grandma’s Attic.

Sesame and Lilly
Handmade journal, £16 from Sesame and Lilly:

Another handmade stall which totally caught my eye the second that I walked through the doors was Sesame and Lilly.  Everything is handmade and this gorgeous journal really stood out to me.  The pages are sewn together for extra thickness and the designs are all totally original made from various materials.  I just thought this is where I am heading for ALL my gifts now.

Cyprys Antiques & Collectables
Repro Second World War propaganda poster printed on tin (possibly 1970s-80s), £10 from Cyprys Antiques & Collectables:

So here’s to my last find. A gorgeous piece of memorabilia which I really hope I can get my hands on at the next fair.  Why I didn’t buy it today I do not know!  Anyway something similar will be great.  It just reminds me of my history lessons at school.  I remember seeing this as a poster up and thinking how glamorous the lady looked.  Maybe my love for vintage was starting to take hold then!  So this fab metal 1940s repro propaganda plaque was being sold by Andrew of Cyprys Antiques & Collectables for the great price of £10.

I really hope you have enjoyed my finds. Thank you Vintage Village for a fabulous afternoon. I can’t wait for next month.

Editor's note: no, thank YOU Emily.  You've been wonderful!

Hello, I’m Emily of Olive & Em.  I was so truly excited when the lovely Old Fashioned Susie (@OldFashionedSus on Twitter, and a previous Finder of some note!) put my name forward as a suggestion for this month’s Vintage Village Finder of the Fair.  Ever since my first Vintage Village experience back in October, when I visited with the lovely Vicky Sowerby, I was totally hooked.  I have been back on a number of occasions and over the last few months have built up a bit of an awareness of who trades so that I could say hello and network.

So what is Olive & Em?  Well it began as a blog for me to write about all things vintage back in September of last year.  My love of vintage stemmed from planning my wedding two years ago.  I have always liked to be a little quirky when it comes to dress, however vintage became a way of life as I prepared for our big day with a vintage theme.  I began to collect vintage crockery - tea pots in particular, to display flower arrangements as our centre pieces.  My passion for crockery continued long after the wedding day.  People started asking to borrow and use the teapots I had collected so I decided that I could take my hobby of collecting crockery to a new level and start to hire it out.  From this Olive & Em was born.

The name Olive comes from my lovely great grandmother.  She inspires my love for vintage and homemade.  She adored crafts, homemade items and owned a successful dressmaking business in the 1930s.  She truly is an inspiration.  She was a regular at local craft fairs and church fetes, passing on her love for homemade to others.  I figured that I could follow suit and pass on my love of crockery, vintage makes and finds via Olive & Em.

So here’s to my finds.  Armed with my camera, notepad and lots of enthusiasm, and my lovely friends Rachel and Alison, we were off.

Mama J's Vintage Goods
1940s baby dress, £40 from Mama J’s Vintage Goods:

I then came across the most gorgeous of gorgeous little baby outfits.  This is an original, handmade 1940s baby dress.  It is the loveliest little number; look at the stunning hand stitched flowers on the collar.  One of my closest friends has just had a baby girl, so this find is dedicated to her!  I had a lovely chat with the stallholder, Joan, about her love of vintage and how it had always been a passion of hers.

Shady Lane Vintage
Vintage postcard greetings cards, £3 each from Shady Lane Vintage:

These gorgeous postcards made into cards made me stop for a closer look. I had a good rummage and picked out these three cards in particular. They are so unique. Each card dates from 1900s-30s so you are owning your own little piece of history. The cards were available from a lovely lady called Lucie of Shady Lane Vintage. The cards cost £3 each and would look amazing displayed in frames.  Lucie explained that she was able to date them from the original stamps left on the back and by looking at the writing.

Parrot in the Pantry
1940s coffee set, £15 from Parrot in the Pantry:

I did think that I would have been distracted by crockery much earlier in my visit.  However it was not until about half way through my wanderings that I was really gripped by crockery desire.  It was this GORGEOUS 1940s coffee set that did it.  Look at the miniature cups and the gorgeous cream and green.  I LOVE it!  At £15 this is a bargain for such a gorgeous coffee set.  The make was Empire England and the lovely sellers of this great item were Parrot in the Pantry.  We conversed for a while about our shared love of crockery and car boot sales.  Thank you ladies for the tips!

Froggy Went Courting
Brush box with mirror, £10 from Froggy Went Courting:

My next find is one for the boys.  Froggy Went Courting, owned by Andrew Lawes, really does have all sorts of items to kit out the boys in full-on vintage attire.  It was this vintage brush box and mirror that caught my eye.  I loved the crocodile patterned box and the deep brown.

Perry & Daughter
Bow brooches, £2 each from Perry & Daughter Vintage:

There are quite a few handmade items on sale at Vintage Village.  I love to see how creative people are and get inspiration for my own handmade goods.  I loved these handmade bow brooches for just £2 made by Sally P of Perry & Daughter Vintage.

La Vintage Vantage
1970s music box, £3 from Vintage Vantage:

This lovely old music box really reminded me of when I was a child.  The outside of the box completely drew me in, with its lovely 1930s style print.  With a name like Love Story printed on the bottom - and still playing - it’s just so cute.  The lovely Louise at Vintage Vantage was selling it for the fab price of just £3.  Such a cute little addition to any little girl’s or lady’s bedroom.