Finds of the Fair 10th July 2016

I’m an artist.  I specialise in sculpture and performance.  My work gives me the chance to travel widely, but Stockport is home.  It’s been an honour to be July’s Finder of the Fair - as you can see, I’ve focused largely on arty things.

The War Illustrated, 1915, £2.00 from Garbo Antiques:

Look closely at the photo and you can read the top line of the magazine’s front cover - the feature article is “Why the war won’t last long.”  Heart-breaking.  Flicking through the pages reminded me of “Strange Meeting”, a Wilfred Owen poem we studied at school that I haven’t thought about in years: “It seemed that out of the battle I escaped…”

Handmade children’s party outfits, various years and prices, from Anne’s:

Anne’s stall is full of handmade things – mostly clothes and bracelets – and handmade means UNIQUE!  The princess dress on the left comes complete with a hat, perfect for parties or playtime.

1969 Dali “Aries” poster, £40.00 from Modernist Mid-Century:

No melting clocks or other Surrealist nonsense here, just a big bold ram bouncing joyfully under the sun!  The only way to tell it’s a Dali is the telltale scratchy signature at the bottom.

1960s “Peanuts” screen-print by Donald Dean, £75.00 from Strange Boutique:

I’d never come across North East artist Donald Dean (b.1930) before this visit to Vintage Village; he seems to have specialized in still lives, particularly of food.  Apparently his screen-prints of potatoes are very popular, but as 2016 is the Year of the Monkey, it feels more appropriate to focus on peanuts.

Box of 1950s pencil leads, £1.00 from A Vintage Affair:

I don’t yet know what I am going to do with these pencil leads, but I have a feeling they will end up part of an artwork one day.  (I’ve previously made sculpture using pencils as material, so it’s not that much of a stretch!)  I can’t believe the leads are still intact after all this time - and that logo is delightful.

“The Beeches” contemporary screen-print, £40.00 by Aspidistra Vintage:

This is not, strictly speaking, a vintage item… but it is a lovely print reminiscent of 1960s style and colour.  I especially like the vivid Pop Art combination of blue and red.  (N.B. “The Beeches” has been shortlisted for the Neo Print Prize – congratulations to Aspidistra Vintage!)

1960s German Jasba vase, £20.00 from From My Loft:

I love the gleaming, watery blue of this lava-style pottery vase.  Our house has very few ornaments (partly because we’re super minimal and partly because we’re super fussy), but I am so glad I bought this vase – here it is back at home in our living room, looking gorgeous against the yellow wall.

“Psychiatrist” plate, £3.00 from Kiki’s Kitsch:

One of the things I love about the Vintage Village is that it has bargains to suit not just all tastes, but all moods too.  Sometimes a bit of silliness is just the ticket.  Kiki wasn’t sure when this plate was made, but it feels like it might be a late 70s number (then again maybe I think that because that’s what I am :)

Our fervent thanks to Nicola for her 'arty' and sometimes surprising selections this month.  It's always fascinating to see what catches someone's eye out of the huge array of vintage at any one fair!

If you fancy having a go at being our Finder of the Fair, why not get in touch