Finds of the Fair, 10th February 2019

We're thrilled that Steve Marland agreed to return as Finder of the Fair this month, nearly six years since his first go.

Regular visitors and traders may well be familiar with Steve's frequent photo-essays capturing the charms and quirks of our little event.  He's also a leading light in the Manchester Modernist Society, a fervent champion of the delights of Stockport, and an accomplished blogger on matters architectural.

Let's follow his furled brolly and take in some of his highlights from February's Vintage Village fair ...

1950s Draw-A-Picture, £10.00 from Granddad's Things:

Just the job for the young artist, such quick results and hours of pleasure.

Considering a career in the creative industries, yet far too time constrained to acquire any actual skills, then why not try tracing?

Can be easily cleaned off with a damp sponge!

1970s Dutch souvenir scarf, £3.50 from Ellie The Elegant:

Returning from a European mini-break searching high and low for an affordable gift for a much loved aunt?

Have you considered an illustrated headscarf, so light, convenient and colourful, guaranteed to delight!

1940s fur gloves, £6.00 from Maureen's Miscellany:

Another time another planet when monkey hands were a common sight on every high street.

Running the gauntlet of faux fur gauntlet wearing lasses was par for the course in those far off days.

1950s-60s Emergency Ward 10 board game, £10.00 from Essentially Eagle Vintage:

Based on ITV's top-line programme - forget Casualty, Angels and Holby City this is where it all began.

Over amorous anaesthetists, dishy doctors and nice nurses all dicing with near death experiences.

A game for two to four players.

Cindy Stockings, £2.00 from Keith Simcock:

As a part time typographer I simply couldn't resist the use of not so oft seen Zipper font on the packs.

Familiar to all users of the Clipper Card way back when, on Manchester buses of the 80s, and wearers of Cindy Stockings one assumes.

SNCF railman's lantern, £18.00 from We Used To have One Of Those:

In full working red switchable red/white French guard's lamp powered from a modern battery and ever ready to go!

Used from the 80s a solid plastic case replacing the earlier and heavier Wonder light.

A delightful addition to any collection ideal for a wide range of blackouts and darker moments.

1960s Denby lidded serving dishes, £6 and £8 with stand from All Our Yesterdays:

Distinctive triangular shape, easy to handle handles and sweet muted pastel colours.

These almost not quite Scandi Design would form an exciting centrepiece to any modern dinner party.

Eat And Stay Young, £1.00 from BRG Collectables:

"Is it possible to look younger and attractive indefinitely?"

Why yes and Justine Glass will show you how - with muscle control in place of starvation diets.

She wasn't eight years the beauty editor on the Daily Sketch for nothing!

Bavarian pottery trio, £12.00 from Sheila's Stall:

Delicate porcelain cup, saucer and plate - wide and low ideal for strong black coffee and apfelkuchen.

Gilt edged and hand decorated with delicate alpine flowers, put your feet up lighten the load and yodel.

You do know how to yodel don't you?

1970s bear hand puppet, £4.00 from RetroFunky:

As a child of the 60s I had an unlicensed Sooty lookalike - bright white rather than warm orange.

This four legged discoloured friend took me right back to the golden years of black and white TV.

Rörstrand Eden platter, £60.00 from Squound:

I adore this brightly glazed plate, the finest in Swedish Design.

"So, set your table with porcelain that for centuries has brought a little extra sparkle to everyday dining and celebrations alike. Never out of place, equally timeless and stylish for a workaday breakfast as it is for a candle-lit supper, Rörstrand porcelain takes pride in making sure that everyone enjoys every moment at the dining table. Every day."​