Finds of the Fair 10th December 2017

Your Finder this month: Paula, on the right, who also did sterling duty for September 2016.

1960s doll's crib, £?? from All Our Yesterdays:

We had just seen a young girl carrying a reborn doll which was so lifelike when this beautiful children’s dolls crib caught my eye.  It looks like someone has lovingly painted it and possibly handmade it.  However it was made, it is so lovely and would be great for displaying a much prized collection.

Porcelain pill box, £?? from Frantique:

I real did fall in love with this little Villeroy & Boch ceramic pill box; it even looked a little festive with some holly sprigs on the top of it.  It was from Judith Dunn who certainly does have some very fine vintage items.  She is based between Yorkshire and Nice in France so picks up some unique items on her travels. I  was so tempted by this, it’s absolutely stunning.

Gas mask bag, £?? from Paul Compton:

Bring out the gimp!  Paul Compton trades regularly at VV and has some pretty spectacular items, this being one of them.  It’s a rubber and leather bag that has been made from an Eastern European gas mask.  These sort of things are what make the Vintage Village so amazing, you get to see things you would never normally see and all under the one roof.  What’s not to like?!

As we didn't have a Finder of the Fair lined up for this month, I sent a desperate appeal out.  Huge thanks to Paula (our Finder for September 2016) for helping us out again!

Paula has stood at the Vintage Village as a trader, and also sells vintage online via her Instagram account @mrsmortonvintage.  But this time she was having fun on the other side of the stall!

1960s-70s Santa Christmas mobile, £?? from Emily Rose Vintage:

As it was the December fair I simply had to feature something festive.  I found and sold one similar this month only mine was missing its chime.  This adorably cute card and plastic mobile was totally kitsch and made in Hong Kong in the session where made in Hong Kong is chic.  I love this trader, there’s something for everyone on their stall.

1970s silver necklace, £?? from Mirabel Vintage Silver:

When I am trading as Mrs Morton Vintage I am right opposite Gail and we have such good banter.  Gail trades as Mirabel Vintage Silver and this 1970s gorgeous piece caught my eye with its mother of pearl stones and thick chain.  I love it!  I told Santa about it but no doubt I’m back on the naughty list and won’t get it!  She does have some beautiful items for sale.

1980s novelty duck telephone, £?? from Mad Hatton's Vintage:

You can rely on our mate Rob to deliver the quirky, original and down right bonkers and this fulfils all of those.  It’s a phone encased in a wooden duck!  Yes I did crack the obvious dad joke - it’s quackers!