Finds of the Fair 10th April 2016

1960s toy xylophone, £15.00 from MickyGhangha.

1970s German lampbase with handmade shade, £130.00 from Snygg.

1950s Singer skirt hem marker, £20.00 from RIPE.

1950s hand painted lunch basket, £30.00 from Shady Lane Vintage.

1950s Chad Valley toy wind-up gramophone, £25.00 from All Our Yesterdays.

Hi my name is Paul Westwell.  I was very pleased to be asked to be April's Vintage Village Finder of the Fair.

I have worked in the photographic industry for approximately 40 years - not as a photographer, although I am a very keen amateur photographer myself - but firstly as a stylist and then as a set builder and props maker for many large commercial retail companies.

I have always had an interest in design elements both old and modern and because of the recent trend for re-cycling I have started using my skills in producing furniture from unusual vintage objects, such as a chair from an old pair of wooden skis, a table from a large cinema film spool, and even a lamp from a 1950s ESSO extra fuel pump light.

I try to take these objects and put a twist on them by turning them into something they were never intended to have such a purpose for originally.

The Vintage Village fair is a great source of inspiration, providing a wealth of vintage objects that are not readily available generally, making each item I produce unique in its own way.

The objects I have chosen caught my eye as they came from an era where items were probably passed on and cherished by many family members in an age where such items were not regarded as disposable, as so many goods are today.  They also have elements of quirkiness relating to the eras they are from which is something which is always appealing to me.
This is my selection.

1950s Clem travel iron, £15.00 from Leandra Duxbury.

1962 Defiant record player (Co-op owned manufacturer), £100.00 from Andy Wilcox.

1960s Japanese tin car, £50.00 from Jim Wilson.

Dior hats, £150.00 each from Mary Jones Vintage.