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Terms and Conditions


  1. The Vintage Village Ltd reserves the right to refuse booking or entry to any event.
  2. Your booking will not be considered secured until your fully completed booking form and full payment has been received.  Payment is due on receipt of invoice.
  3. All goods exhibited at The Vintage Village must be as described and legitimately acquired.  All vintage goods exhibited at The Vintage Village must be at least 20 years old.  All craft goods must be hand made by the trader and/or their associates/employees.  This will be monitored during the event and traders will be asked to remove from display any items that do not conform to these criteria.
  4. Any change to the type and/or variety of stock exhibited by the trader must be submitted to, and approved by, The Vintage Village Ltd prior to the event.
  5. Stalls cannot be sub-let to a third party at any Vintage Village events.
  6. If you cancel your booking, The Vintage Village Ltd will only offer a refund of booking fees if another suitable replacement booking can be secured no later than two weeks prior to the event booked.  The refund will be less 10% for administration costs.
  7. Bookings can only be transferred/moved forward to later dates if another suitable replacement booking can be secured no later than two weeks prior to the event booked.
  8. No shows: traders who fail to attend on the day of an event they have booked and paid for - under any circumstances - will not be refunded their fees nor have their booking transferred to a later date.
  9. If any event/fair has to be cancelled for any reason, the booking fee will be refunded less 10% for administration costs.
  10. Trader status may be withdrawn immediately from any trader at the discretion of The Vintage Village Ltd if a trader breaches any of these terms and conditions.  By submitting your booking, you are agreeing to abide by them.
  11. Important news, updates or changes to any forthcoming event will be conveyed via email and/or the email Exhibitors’ Newsletter which all traders are subscribed to upon booking.  The Vintage Village Ltd will accept no responsibility for a trader failing to take note of communications sent to them.
  12. All details supplied by traders are treated as strictly confidential, and will not be shared with any third parties. 

The Event (Fair)

  1. Traders will have access to the Market Hall for setting up from 8.30 am on the day of the event and stalls should be completed prior to public access at 10.00 am.
  2. The Vintage Village Ltd bears no liability whatsoever for the safety of persons, stock, money, possessions or vehicles whilst travelling to, from or during the event.  It is the trader’s responsibility to arrange appropriate Public and Product Liability Insurance.
  3. The positioning of traders’ pitches at all events is at the absolute discretion of The Vintage Village Ltd.  However, we will try to take traders’ preferences into consideration as far as is practically possible.
  4. All electrical equipment used and/or sold by traders must be PAT tested and have a valid PAT label.
  5. Traders should ensure that all walkways, access (doors) and the area immediately around their stall are unrestricted and free from obstructions with enough room for a mobility scooter to pass through easily.  All liability for injuries caused due to obstructions in the vicinity of traders’ stalls is the responsibility of the trader and NOT The Vintage Village Ltd.
  6. If traders wish to display stock and/or promotional items, such as banners or signs, on the walls and permanent fixtures within the Market Hall these must either be hung from the ledges above the units or secured using non-damaging methods such as Blue Tac.  Methods which damage the paintwork or woodwork, such as sticky tape, pins or nails, are not permitted and anyone found using such methods will be held liable for the costs of repair.
  7. Traders’ vehicles are parked at their own risk.  Any parking charges, penalties or damage are not the responsibility of The Vintage Village Ltd.  Roads alongside the Market Hall should be kept easily accessible for emergency service vehicles and any obstructing parked vehicles will be removed in the event of an emergency situation at the owner’s expense.
  8. Stalls should be attended at all times during the course of the event and should not be dismantled until closing time (4.00 pm) or by express permission of  The Vintage Village Ltd.
  9. Traders are responsible for their own pitches and these must be left in a tidy condition.  Black bin liners are supplied for refuse, please use them!