About us

Did you know that the Market Hall -
  • was originally open on all sides, which gave rise to its local nickname of the "glass umbrella"?
  • included Ephraim Marks (the original 'Marks' in Marks & Spencer) amongst its traders.  He was the first to enclose his stall to protect his customers from the cold.  The rest of the market was enclosed within two years of his innovation.
  • was used - among several other sites in Stockport - as a location for the 1940s wartime-set Hollywood movie Yanks?

The Vintage Village at Stockport Market Hall was developed by Alan of  Village Vintage Clothing Ltd and Sarah of TinTrunk in association with Stockport Market Culture and Tourism.

We see this fair as contributing towards efforts to regenerate the beautifully restored and redeveloped Market Hall and Market Place into the thriving trade hub it had been for centuries past.

Its on its way already, with a bustling market on regular trading days, but on Sundays it lay quiet and unused.

So we've been lucky enough to have been given the chance to use the Market Hall on the second Sunday of every month for our fair.

Its an amazing venue in a prime central location, with all the character and charm and heritage - and impeccably modern facilities - that you could hope for. 

The fact that Stockport Market celebrated its 750th anniversary in 2010 only adds to the appropriately historic flavour of a vintage market, although we can't guarantee that you will find medieval artefacts at this fair!

We want to encourage the establishment of a lively vintage event in the heart of Stockport, to help new and developing small businesses locally and regionally, and to contribute to re-establishing Stockport Market Hall and Market Place as an essential port of call in Greater Manchester for seeking out quality goods and unique items.

There's lots of information on Stockport Council's website about the history of Stockport Market here.